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  1. royalger

    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file.

    Looking forward to it mate thanks for all your hard work. WATP !
  2. royalger

    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file.

    Hi mate downloaded update 7 and started new league mode and found the same hidden teams in europa league and champions league is it just me or have i done something wrong. cheers.
  3. royalger

    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file. Try this mate.
  4. royalger

    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file.

    Hows your update coming along, Keep up the great work excellent file.
  5. royalger

    Rangers FC export?

    now fixed.
  6. royalger

    Rangers FC export? Try the link new to this Rangers fc.
  7. royalger

    Rangers FC export?

    Hey guy's I've done Rangers squad not the best faces but good enough to play, edited some stats. Don't know how to post here if you could explain I will give it a go, Happy to give something back after all the work some guy's put in to make this game better. Got the team kit's from Rocky 5 I...
  8. royalger

    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file.

    Thanks for all your hard work it's amazing makes the game so much better I've done some chants and exported the mighty Rangers fc over Vitoria in other European teams master league here I come. Merry Xmas mate.
  9. royalger

    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file.

    Hey man just downloaded your file great work, might be just me but in Europe I cant find Denmark or Norway kits and in Americas Venezuela, but excellent file keep up the good work.
  10. royalger

    Heart system

    Hey I'am also playing league mode is it me or have they also removed half time results from the other games. Can't seem to get them. Don't know why Konami would take such a dramatic change in this game as it is not for the good that's for all to see. Will give it time and wait to see if the so...
  11. royalger

    [19/03]★SammyGunner11’s★PES13★PS 3OF★U SVersion

    Hey trying to find a north American file for a friend here in uk, But the link on the first page are just updates where can I get a complete up to date file many thanks, Any help would be great.
  12. royalger

    [PS3 UK] GTM / OPE PES 2013 Option File (BLES 01708)

    Hey man great option file simply the best, Just wondering if you could put the mighty Glasgow Rangers in your next update and replace them for one of the other European teams. As you know we are the biggest club in Scotland, and we are averaging 50,000 at home games, and we are now playing your...
  13. royalger

    [PS3 UK] GTM / OPE PES 2013 Option File (BLES 01708)

    Convert bles code HI Glen just wondering if you could convert you Bles code to blus code as I have a north America ps3 which I brought back from Canada. Before I went to Canada I always used your awesome option files and looking at the work you have done with wildeditor it looks amazing and...
  14. royalger

    G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

    Ok here's the other link this time it's Carnival De Paris i use this for spanish and italian league games and also use it for cup games but for master league games i use simply the best, see what you think of this one too cheers guy's
  15. royalger

    G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

    Hi Glen heres the link for the entrance music, As i am a Glasgow Rangers man it's simply the best from Tina Turner give it a try and see what you think and i will post another in about ten minutes cheers.
  16. royalger

    G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

    Superb option file guys thanks for keeping this game playable for so much longer now. Hey glen i ve edited a couple of tunes for the entrence music which makes the start of the game feel so much more atmospheric. If you give me a link i'll send them and if you like them you can post them up for...
  17. royalger

    Best PES 2010 Option File Award (PS3)

    gtm pro world (mighty mag) Simply The Best
  18. royalger

    [PS3 UK BLES-20] Scottish Option File

    Hey malf cracking option file cant wait for v1 update, by the way your ibrox is the best i've seen by far. Also hope you update all through the season, Cheers
  19. royalger

    Call names for PES 2011

    Hi slemke could you please tell me where you got the epl mp3 files, thanks
  20. royalger

    jmelough's UK PES 2010 Option File

    Hi jmelough look forward to your update as i ve done the dlc new update and its messed it all up, so you would think konami would get this sorted out with some sort of patch so every time theres a dlc you dont lose all player data. Cheers keep up the awesome work.