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    [LEAGUE] Major League Soccer - eFootball PES2020 - PS4 OUT NOW!!! by WWEFAN

    Nice! Is it okay if I use some player appearances for an upcoming patch?
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    New Kits for Asian Teams

    Hey, is it okay if I use some of these kits in a PC patch? I'm planning to have all teams in the AFC Cup!
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    [PC] Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 1.01

    How about you stop re-posting people's work using adlinks?
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    [LEAGUE] MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCER - Creation Thread 2018/2019

    Hey, nice work on these! Just a request. I'm using your files as base optimized for PC (in CYPES option files) in a patch geared towards the Japanese PES community. Is it ok if I include them in the patch? I've made some changes (changing many players to real IDs, compatibility with real...
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    Player Default Face Error

    Yup, tons of players affected for me. Players in AFC Champions League, various nationals, Denmark plans for Konami to fix this...
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    [PC/PS4] J-League 1 & 2

    I didn't work over any team, I added teams/players to the database, using the IDs given by KONAMI. For example, Shunsuke Nakamura has a Player ID of 163, and Kyoto Sanga has a Team ID of 156. Unfortunately, this makes the files incompatible for PS4, as the database itself is unmoddable (not to...
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    [PC/PS4] J-League 1 & 2

    Hey guys, I'm the creator for those (that's my real twitter haha). I created the teams using a PC editor with real Konami IDs.
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    [EXPORTS] All National Teams (PS4)

    Looking forward to this, I'm making some extra NTs on PC!
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    [PS4] MLS Option File by Voltes5

    Amazing work. I was looking through the squads, and found quite a few duplicates. Some National Team Players and Argentinian League players.
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    [PS4] Other Teams Asia (Lesser Known Teams!!)

    I'm actually not sure haha, I just played with default settings on AFC Champions League.
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    [PS4] Other Teams Asia (Lesser Known Teams!!)

    Here's some screenshots on PC, if you want to see what I have done. J2 Album!
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    [PS4] Other Teams Asia (Lesser Known Teams!!)

    Licensed J League hasn't been in PES/Winning Eleven since 2015 or something. The community uses Albiore's mainly, though others like myself have their own versions as well. I've said this in my J League thread last year, but it's become hard for us Japanese file makers to release J League...
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    [PS4] Other Teams Asia (Lesser Known Teams!!)

    I actually have the entire J2 made for PC, I haven't tested the compatibility for PS4 yet though.
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    [PS4] Other Teams Asia (Lesser Known Teams!!)

    Thanks vialli, always great to hear that somebody enjoys my work. You are absolutely right about some people's low quality work...those who prioritize speed over precision. I always want to release my work with as much quality as possible, even if it take a little bit more time. I'm aware of...
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    [PS4] MLS Option File by Voltes5

    Quick update....I'll leave the editing community for PES 2018 probably at the end of April at the latest...real life is getting in the way, and if I can't get stuff done until then, I just won't have time to edit anymore. Hopefully I can get back for PES 2019.
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    [PS4] MLS Option File by Voltes5

    Congratulations on a new member to your family! I'm doing J2-related stuff right now, maybe I'll do some transfers for the Canadian teams once I'm done those.
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    [PS4] MLS Option File by Voltes5

    I've been away from PS4 editing for a while... I've been making kits and stuff, and hopefully starting up some stuff for PC, I can still help out if you guys need it
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    I remember when PESGAMING...

    In addition to what the two fellows above said, I think some editors are angry at the blatant favouritism Konami gave to some groups (Pesuniverse, Pesworld) by giving them 'early access' copies. Nothing against them, as they make great work, but when they get a head start in editing and release...
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    [PS4] Other Teams Asia (Lesser Known Teams!!)

    Hi, it's all individual right now, but I can put together an all in one when I get home tonight. EDIT: It's up.
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    Option file or manual edit

    If you have a USB stick, maybe go to a place with a computer, for example a library?