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  1. 0zz

    Team mates

    Take your finger off the SPRINT button, you'll be amazed hom much you r missing from the game.
  2. 0zz

    Become a Legend help for a newbie

    It takes some time and contract from good club to rapidly boost stats.
  3. 0zz

    Free kick and corner in Be a legend mode @ PES2012

    Place kicking, sverwe, long pass speed/accuracy, the higher the better. Not even playstyle cards like "Pinpoint pass" or "Classic no.10" will help you. You need those stats up asap.
  4. 0zz

    Ball selection problem

    NBA 2k12 and Madden NFL, these are the games with no ball selection problem. :)
  5. 0zz

    Legend combinations

    ^^ Explain me then how Gervinho can outjump two towering CB from standing position. I saw this three times in one game. He scored a hattrick of headers, all from corners. He was standing and then rocketed to air, being head and shoulders above my CB's.They were 189 and 192cm I think.Oh I forgot...
  6. 0zz

    Drastic difficulty shift!?

    It's "normal" in this game.I think that this is Konami's way of implementing fatigue factor, but if it's true, then I've never seen more EPIC FAIL than this. I've experienced this in every single career I started.Guys with "pinpoint pass" "classic10" and other fancy cards are totally useless...
  7. 0zz

    D2 League

    Just pes league.
  8. 0zz

    Legend combinations

    Every owner of a game has your description of play and skill card in game.In fact it's copied word by word from game's description.But I'm sure people who have no idea where it is , will find it interesting.
  9. 0zz

    Removing the " Speed Merchant " Skill Card, with or against?

    I rarely play online, but I play a lot of BAL and I like the way it affects agility of my CF. I wanted to be better version of Ibra but since I have this card, sky is the limit.
  10. 0zz

    How do you gain Skill Cards and new Positions?

    ^^^ I don't think so,I tried to add "goal poacher" to my "Fox...", I've set up training for speed and dribble since my physical stats were very good, but so far no luck.I think game won't allow you to gain play style card.You'll need to create player with desired play style cards and then use him.
  11. 0zz

    The definative guide to shooting on PES 2012

    Bro,compared to what I was writing when I wrote my first posts your english is way better .When I didn't understand words or phrases I looked into english-polish dictionary.Uncle Google is helpful too.I don't wanna sound like an arrogant d!ck.It's just the common sense, dictionaries are there...
  12. 0zz

    The definative guide to shooting on PES 2012

    What he tried to say is go to fucking training mode, spam "shoot" with variations of other buttons for ages and see for yourself that reading this carefully instead asking for shorter version isn't bad idea.
  13. 0zz

    Is it possible to...

  14. 0zz

    Help? How do I put my Created player into Real Madrid?
  15. 0zz

    Classic players

    They are coming back once they retire. There is no option to turn that off.
  16. 0zz

    Future patch requests....

    I'd like to see diagonal lob passes from the players like Pirlo or Xavi.I'm talking about Legends mode. So often I'm left running offside or play is being broken,while situation is screaming (me too) for a Pirlo's trademark dipping lob right in front of me for easy 1 on 1.Nope, not in a million...
  17. 0zz

    How can I get skill cards?

    ^^^ Which cards did you get?
  18. 0zz

    Using Become A Legend player in ML
  19. 0zz

    Play in friendly match against my friend

    1.In BAL menu go to System. 2.Select "Save Player Data" and save it in one of the slots. 3.Go to game's main menu. 4.Select "Edit" then "Transfer" 5.Select team and then hit "Add+" If they don't have empty slots - kick somebody to frre up the space. 6.After hitting ''Add+'' scroll to "other...
  20. 0zz

    Play in friendly match against my friend

    Save your player data then register him to a team of your choice.