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  1. Jansen007

    game is so heavily scripted

    I have exactly the same problem with PES this year. I'm fed up with all of it after so many years same old stuff like you mentioned. Since the gameplay is a disappointment there is nothing left. I'm a PES player since tbe early beginning but switched to Fifa this year. After 6 days of Fifa 19...
  2. Jansen007

    To me PES19 Is broke

    Like I said in another thread here on pesgaming; the gameplay against AI is too frustrating and doesnt feel fun to play. I already sold my copy because of this, and yes I agree with all the above. Also the good things about the game makes it even more sad cause you start thinking " if they...
  3. Jansen007

    game is so heavily scripted

    Remember the goalkeeper bug in PES 2016? I upgraded all goalkeepers for European clubteams(including CL&EL) and International teams(countries). Also I made most dedenders and midfielders more aggressive & tackling skills so the opponents AI would conceed more fouls. I even shared my option...
  4. Jansen007

    game is so heavily scripted

    Yesterday I sold my game because the scripting and frustrating A.I. what makes it not fun to play anymore. For the first time in PES history I ve sold a PES game. Yes I do win matches on Superstar, yes I know how to somehow stop the AI, but I feel it is not a realistich game of football...
  5. Jansen007

    game is so heavily scripted

    I always play on Superstar but I feel it is scripted too. So yes, I must admit I agree with this. It seems that the A.I. must score when you re up front. Yesterday I played a match got 3-0. And suddenly the A.I. scored 2 goals in such a short periode of time. I got chances on 4-2 but hit...
  6. Jansen007

    latest patch

    Hopefully Konami will fix some of these issues for the next patch like; the cursor change problem, the lack of fouls by AI, overpowered AI at running and passing when attacking you, and yes, the goalkeepers spilling simple shots or headers. What I also find very frustrating is that the AI...
  7. Jansen007

    Help playing co-op master league

    Yes here we go again! You need to make a sub account and give it permission on your regular PSN account. see this thread right here:
  8. Jansen007

    PS4 PES 2018 User Generated Issue

    Totally agree. Just spend a bit more time once to set up a sub account and after that you ll have no issues with offline multiplayer and an edited option file.
  9. Jansen007

    PS4 PES 2018 User Generated Issue

    Okay I believe you but I ve tried this before already many times and still got the User Generated Issue 'pop up' on my screen. Yes, as a guest as well and with second controller offline not signed in. I have no clue! So thanks to the sub account signing in it's working perfect for me...
  10. Jansen007

    PS4 PES 2018 User Generated Issue

    No mate, offline it doesn't work with a second player. The edit data is blocked because your PSN have to give permission to the other user. I tried exhibition and cups but it didn't work properly. You lose all setting from your edit file.
  11. Jansen007

    PS4 PES 2018 User Generated Issue

    Yes that's all. Create the sub account on your PS4. The email verification you can do on a smartphone, ipad or pc. You need a cellphone number as well, offcourse. I wish I already had done this last year to play with multiple teams in league mode. You couldn't set the other controller on...
  12. Jansen007

    Hey Hey Hey

    Welcome! Always fun to see people here who switch after years of Fifa to PES.
  13. Jansen007

    6.5/10 Sad times indeed

    It's all about a different approach now at defending. You have to walk a lot with your defenders and midfield to close the gaps and intercept long balls and those trough passes. Try to put pressure with more players when attacker is having possesion on your half. My backs and halfs need to run...
  14. Jansen007

    6.5/10 Sad times indeed

    I play only offline at speed 0 (on Superstar) and have one big issue with cursor change, especially with my defence. Sometimes I hate the overpowered triangle (+L1), and I hate it when I got that scripted feeling the computer is manipulating the game and it seems that you just HAVE to conceed...
  15. Jansen007

    PS4 PES 2018 User Generated Issue

    Yes it works. I did this myself Saturday and finally I can play offline with friends and with more than one team in a league or a cup. UPDATE It's even getting better: in offline modes before the match you can select your opponent to be COM / Assistent Mode or user (sub account) :)...
  16. Jansen007

    PS4 PES 2018 User Generated Issue

    But online connection is just needed to make the accounts and settings. After this is done the next time you are offline and play with sub account, is internet connection still needed?
  17. Jansen007

    2 Player Couch Co-Op with Option File.

    No it's not this year! The only way to solve this is to make a sub account and set the parent control level at nr. 9 so you give your 'child' permission to use everything on the PS4. This link has helped me solve this issue...
  18. Jansen007

    PS4 PES 2018 User Generated Issue

    I just fixed this last saturday when me and a friend wanted to play against the COM. And you gave the answer already. Just make a subaccount(with different email and verify/confrim it) and adjust the parent control level to nr. 9 on your real PSN account. After that you also have to get...
  19. Jansen007

    Option file newbie please help

    And when you have imported the files correctly in the game you dont have to edit anything of the kits yourself anymore
  20. Jansen007

    New guy from The Netherlands

    Hey Robin do you need an option file for PS4 and some help with that?