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  1. Alvin

    The future of the Veteran status

    The term 'veteran' implies some history with the site, which is not something that can be taken away. Feel free to get rid of them and create new ones, but change the name if you're going to do that.
  2. Alvin

    [ANSWERED] One Question

    I believe you have to be Elite, Veteran or a staff member.
  3. Alvin

    [OPEN] What Could Make This Site Better?

    Well Matt Holme owns the site, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a shit about the forums. Sweey seems to be the boss of the forums now, although he's taken a tyrannical grasp onto the reins of power rather that having been handed them in any conscious decision. But by the looks of it Matt...
  4. Alvin

    Village of the Banned

    Shut up both of you or be banned.
  5. Alvin

    [ANSWERED] Christmas skin ?

    We're happy to have a Christmas skin if someone wants to design it.
  6. Alvin

    [ANSWERED] Signature??

    Ja, sorry about that. Get yourselves some nice ASCII art.
  7. Alvin

    Whats wrong with the site at the moment?

    Too many people. New PES. Turning sig images off. Haven't got a clue how to turn sig images off. Hopefully someone else can. Oh, there we go.
  8. Alvin


  9. Alvin

    [OPEN] What Could Make This Site Better?

    Money, what money? There's no money... shhh...
  10. Alvin

    [OPEN] What Could Make This Site Better?

    You should have access to them now.
  11. Alvin

    [OPEN] What Could Make This Site Better?

    Would you know how to fix it if you did?
  12. Alvin

    It is the Fat Duck logo.

    It is the Fat Duck logo.
  13. Alvin

    We Neeed a Moderator for the PES 2009 Discussions

    Why is the formatting of that quote fucked up? And no, not a CV. To be fair the people who we would say yes to probably know who they are, and those we would say no to, probably do too. Having a red bar under your name would be good.
  14. Alvin

    We Neeed a Moderator for the PES 2009 Discussions

    Yeah, Jin is pretty useless. I removed you from Members' Wars last night. Maybe should clean up the others at some point.
  15. Alvin


    Yesterday I think.
  16. Alvin

    Suitability of Signatures

    If you allow violence in sigs not many people will take advantage of it. If you allow nudity in sigs the site will suddenly be overrun with boobies. I don't think anyone would have a serious objection to a nipple or two but in order to prevent this place from descending into the depths of...
  17. Alvin


    I've moved it into this forum. Images are dead, but I'm sure you can work it out.
  18. Alvin


    OK, Phatmann and Yossi should now be mods of the bookie. Let me know if you don't want it/it doesn't work.
  19. Alvin


    Anyone want to take over in here? It appears to be dead. Otherwise we'll probably get rid of it.