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  1. 200_pesos

    Anyone know whats wrong here? Go wild, buddy. EDIT- Also this:
  2. 200_pesos

    Anyone know whats wrong here?

    In PES5, each team has a number set, with set colors. You'll have to download a new number set for Man-U with the Color you want, and import it.
  3. 200_pesos

    Zico tee up then boom tsch volley off the bar omg

    Mah gawd lyk omgz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. 200_pesos

    pogoss download and request zone

    :) good but I was referring more to lopikau, lol.
  5. 200_pesos

    pogoss download and request zone

    Hey lopikau and pogoss, I didn't mean it in a bad way, it was simply meant as constructive, lopikau I was the one who had originally requested Angel for WE8 a while ago, and I was simply making a note of something that could be changed. However, head size is easily changed in game, and yes the...
  6. 200_pesos

    FIFA 06 (360) No good !Review!

    BTW, you can play world cup qualifiers in it..........but no World Cup.
  7. 200_pesos

    pogoss download and request zone

    Ah, not take out, mais fais la barbe plus même, sur un côté c'est plus loin de la bouche que l'autre. (not sure if that's correct, my french isn't exactly perfect yet.) Merci.
  8. 200_pesos

    pogoss download and request zone

    Even out angel's beard a little, and maybe make his head a little taller now that I look at it. Mhadhebi is good.
  9. 200_pesos

    I want Teamgeist ball...the WORLD CUP Ball..Anyone??

    Christmas comes early for you!!!!! Made by DartWagner of Evo-Web.
  10. 200_pesos

    Adriano Punch

    Haha, thats awesome!
  11. 200_pesos

    New CM4 -> WE7 converter (with GK and more realistic stats)

    This thread is 2 years old, of course the link is dead by now.
  12. 200_pesos

    Oh Konami, what have you done!?

    Fifa 06: For the people who don't like developers ruining futbol games by making them realistic.
  13. 200_pesos

    I'm seriously FED up with PES...this is why....

    Actually, I get called for offsides that aren't real. It's a video game, there will always be bugs, and unfair things. I realize it. Hey, it's not like I'm playing fifa (which, sadly enough, I have).
  14. 200_pesos

    I'm seriously FED up with PES...this is why....

    You know, somehting I never have understood, is how people bitch and bitch about cheating cpu...but this is like in real life guys - The ref isn't always fair, he often favors a team. Not to mention, I really don't notice excessive cheating...they call maybe 3 or 4 a game against my team, and i...
  15. 200_pesos

    Who else????

    Whip what out, the dog's balls?!?!?!
  16. 200_pesos


    I might make the two teams in the game, But dunno why you'd want river over boca...only reason river is there is for boca to beat them ;) [email protected] Contact me on msn, maybe we can collaborate on making the teams.
  17. 200_pesos

    weird thing wiv pes 5

    No idea man, there must be a way to insert them though.
  18. 200_pesos

    weird thing wiv pes 5

    Didn't see that, but I did see an option to convert my old option file! Perhaps I will use that...
  19. 200_pesos

    where is pye?!

    I have pye. I know the secret of how to find/get pye. Start a game. Pause it. Cycle through every option 5 times, then keep playing. Now pause, press up, x, x. Now start a game again, same teams, conditions, etc. Pause and press Start, up, x, x. Now go to edit, and go to David Beckham. Change...
  20. 200_pesos

    Can I play PES 5 in US

    It's illegal to resell games you've bought over ebay I believe, especially if it's patched...not entirely sure. Either way, you can never be sure on ebay. Boca till I die!!!!!!!!