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    PS3 - Button Lag - Konami Official advice

    what i dont understand is why when i play a match online it seems like im the only one who has the button lag my opponents always seem to have no trouble passing shooting moving etc
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    Please help (PS3 PES problem)

    ok so i did the new firmware update on ps3 and ever since then my pes 2010 wont start when i put the disc in. it loads up it gets the screen where its showing the little stars flashing in the bottom left conrner then after that it goes blank nothing happens. my disc is fine no scrathes or...
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    Button Lag - The Solution/Solutions!

    ok guys let me tell its nothing to do with your or anyone elses connection its just konami with their stupiud ways, stop beating around the bush ur gonna blame 3 years of lag on other peoples connections come on guys wake up. howcome i can play my friend who lives in france on any game with no...
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    Pes6 09/10 season patch here everyone
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    Button delay online

    is it just me or is anyone else gettin poor responsiveness when playing online, press a button and the player does the action 5 hours later. i dont see many ppl discussing this on here so i was just wondering if it was just me?
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    Patching PES5 On PC Help

    i have downloaded a full patch off the internet but i dont know how to install it on pes5 for pc can anyone give me a step by step guide on how to do it? i found a guide on another site but it only tells how to doit on ps2 not pc. any help is much appreciated.
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    10 vs 10: Good or Bad ?

    i dont mind if they put 10v10 in the game as long as the 1v1 online is better than it has been. the only reason i can think of why konami is doing this is so they can compete with fifa and lets face it they have to beat fifa this year coz if they dont then its lights out for pes i really do...
  8. K

    10 vs 10: Good or Bad ?

    this is bad idea, konami still need to figure out how to get 1v1 running smoothly before they think about 11v11.
  9. K

    Version 1.40?

    its real dont worry. it wont update anything major i dont think though.
  10. K

    players getting carded

    unfortunately u cant stop it, its jus another stupid thing konami have done to the game. the only thing i could suggest is to try not to hold the close down button (x button) for too long, try and time it right and 8 times out of 10 they should stay on their feet doing this also helps reserve...
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    Replays Question

    Is it possibe to to take your goal replays off the ps3 and put them on the computer and convert them to a video format like mpg, avi. etc
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    KONAMI should watch this

    i hate the shooting in pes 09 its so weak, and the shooting animations are so outdated and wots with that silly weak little toe poke shot they do in the game its so frustrating. untill konami get their act together, PES5 is and will always be the best for me.
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    Do you guys replay the game when u feel cheated?

    this is why alot of people say that the game is scripted to make the cpu win
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    KONAMI should watch this

    ur right but incase u thought i made this thread to try n say i wanted konami to go backwards for future pes games well i can assure u that wasnt the case. im just simply saying that maybe if konami would think back to when they had their greatest days it may inspire them to create a real...
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    KONAMI should watch this

    this great video will remind you of the good old days with a very familiar game. konami should look at this to re-inspire them. click below i think u may enjoy it.
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    For Konami

    i know this isnt the most important thing that should be in the game but i think they should put in a football editor where you can create ur own footballs to use in matches and you could trade and buy other peoples online with pes points or you could put one of ur creations on the line in an...
  17. K

    Playing Online

    fifa 09 can handle 10 v 10 thats 20 people connected online in one match yet pes 2009 cant even handle 1 v 1 online. i would kick my own ass if i was seabass right now
  18. K

    Player position problem help needed

    I have tried the attacking arrows thing and it dusnt work maybe its just the player tendencies for juve maybe they jus like to play narrow. thanks anyways mate
  19. K

    Player position problem help needed

    I've been playing as juventus in master league, i usually play camronesi on the right midfield and giovinco on the left midfield but half way through the match they'll start to wonder like sometimes giovinco will just come infield and start playing almost as if he is a centre midfield or...
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    Your Best Pes Memory

    Pes 5, i was against my friend i was juventus, he was chelsea. it was 1-1 in the 89th minute my friend got a corner and i was like 'oh shit' coz he is good at corners lol anyways he takes the corner and surprise, surprise he heads it with joe cole and its flyin towards my goal lol at this...