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  1. GuNNerZae

    Lionel Messi: NOT Cover Star For PES 2012

    How about a trio consisting of a player, a ref and a coach ?
  2. GuNNerZae

    Please read this if you love pes

    Does anyone know whether or not the cursor switching problem will be adressed ?
  3. GuNNerZae

    New PES 2012 Videos Released - Player controls etc.

    Amatuer's prayers have been answered. Well atleast partially.
  4. GuNNerZae

    Lionel Messi: NOT Cover Star For PES 2012

    Mikael Silvestre anyone ?
  5. GuNNerZae

    PES 2012 gameplay video leaked

    Do you think so ? why?
  6. GuNNerZae

    Latest big news

    I'd like to think the fans have a say in how Konami structure the ML. I mean it is one of the sole reasons why the fans continue to keep faith and buy the game!
  7. GuNNerZae

    On a scale of 1 to 100

    A 90 for me.
  8. GuNNerZae

    What about this !!!

    Sounds good and don't worry your English is fine. So you're from Saudi Arabia ?
  9. GuNNerZae

    More volleying!

  10. GuNNerZae


    As much as i loved pes 5 i still remember the hilarious collisions although not much has changed in that department since...
  11. GuNNerZae

    psm 3 video- your opinions

    Nicely put, they, Konami, are starting to piss me off with all these cliches like "History will be made" and "the king is back". The restrictions make the game unplayable and if we have to deal with 8-axis movement for the fourth year running, i'm sure perople would be more than happy to give...
  12. GuNNerZae


    I remember them mentioning how collision animations were to be dealt with so i wouldn't be worried
  13. GuNNerZae

    Fifa 11

    Playing PES 6 today i cannot comprehend how Konami managed to fuck up in the nature they have considering where they were at. If anyone were to go back 3 or 4 years ago and say Fifa will manage to overtake Pro evoloution in a few years time, they'd most certainly turn out a laughing stock...
  14. GuNNerZae

    If Konami Can Implement What Is In The Press Release......

    KONAMI think otherwise unfortunately
  15. GuNNerZae

    Screenshots, Videos, & Much More!!! - Part 1

    Agreed... It is quite pathetic and that proverb that you've picked up on is spot on and i must say nice find, albeit, from my perspective and do i dare say from an average Joe's point of view, Football 777 appears the more foolish because of his extremely childish antics and the way he evades...
  16. GuNNerZae

    If Konami Can Implement What Is In The Press Release......

    I don't know... maybe it's just me but i don't get how people ask for things like improved nets and world cup kits when players on the pitch move like robots because of the 8 axis movement. That robotic element of the game is the difference between success and failure if you asked an average...
  17. GuNNerZae

    Screenshots, Videos, & Much More!!! - Part 1

    Just a quick question... when's the next piece of PES 2011 footage going to available for viewing. I've heard of the 'E3' event that will apparently be showcasing the latest piece of work but i thought that theres a possibility that they release some footage earlier. i don't know which is why...
  18. GuNNerZae

    Screenshots, Videos, & Much More!!! - Part 1

    you're exactly right. on the topic... whens the next video or piece of footage going to be revealed regarding the 2011 version?
  19. GuNNerZae


    Do you usually scare off newbies ?