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    Why do all players run at the same speed?

    Summed up perfectly - the game asks you to break down the defence through skill rather than running faster. I also think that the benefit of faster players is reduced because the opposition sits deeper in this version.
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    Positives about the game.

    I agree regarding the shooting - very solid and so reliant on the player, context and the stronger foot.
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    Positives about the game.

    Thanks for giving your permission :no::no::no:
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    Positives about the game.

    Maybe I should have titled the thread - "positives only". There are plenty of threads to gripe about what people don't like but plenty of people like the game and might want to discuss what is does well;)
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    Positives about the game.

    Is it possible to have a thread that talks only about what people are enjoying about the game.;) I for one feel this is the best PES game since 2006 and probably one of the most fun Football games I have played. The core game play elements are solid and the AI is challenging enough to make...
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    Fifa 13 Vs PES 2013

    Stripping back to core gameplay PES is the winner this year - passing on 2 bar assist is very good , shooting is reliable and solid. Best of all you do need to work to get a goal - the games are variable
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    pes 2013 never turned up (AMAZON UK)

    they are absolute sh1t - My Avengers only come yesterday after being promised for Monday!!!
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    Bitter quitters: PES 2013 update allows players to 'retire' at half time

    Never know when you might need to go out:-) , maybe a naked Jessica Alba is running past the house? Also I'm getting older now - the turnaround time between feeling a log coming and needing to download is getter shorter every day!!
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    Bitter quitters: PES 2013 update allows players to 'retire' at half time

    what if you need to have a shit at halftime - or need to go out somewhere?
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    Bitter quitters: PES 2013 update allows players to 'retire' at half time

    This is not a bad idea , the quitter leaves the game at an agreed time , the winner records the win. Where is the issue?
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    First Review Probably the best review yet - decent site.
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    First Review Probably a better site - probably a review I would trust
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    First Review

    Just seen that one as well - don't really trust either of these sites :happy: Quite enjoyed the demo - shooting seems a lot more reliable this year. Reviewers appear to "want" it be good - maybe they are being a little too nostalgic!!
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    First Review Not the most indepth review but the reviewer seems to be a PES Fan
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    Do not buy pes 2012

    NBA 2K is a quality series - I agree. It's intuiative and makes you try to use a "Basketball" mentailty when playing The reason I ask about FIFA is that I feel its very strong this year and encourages a "football" mentailty when playing (defending space, looking for runners and being patient).
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    Do not buy pes 2012

    have you played FIFA this year?
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    Really Harsh review from 1UP!!! I have played the demo and feel that this is a bit over the top - same site gave FIFA 12 an "A" Site is normally pretty good but they slate the game here - bit harsh in my opinion.
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    Ref: Decent reviews from Eurogamer and Videogamer for PES12

    Another decent one
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    Ref: Decent reviews from Eurogamer and Videogamer for PES12

    Pretty positive - looks like its getting there with the reviewers