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    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    It did work, but if you are playing with 2 players, the 2nd player has to do the same procedure in his log in profile otherwise it won't work both ways ... For one player it works, for 2 players you have to do the steps in both log-in profiles ...
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    [PS4] DFL OptionFile 2017 (Bundesliga and more)

    I am facing the same thing. I imported one team only to test and it looks perfect in the edit mode. But when i play a match, the logo and the name is not reflected and not changed. Anyone else has this problem? Why does it work in edit mode and not when you play? Please help!
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    I noticed some keepers do automatically come out to dive or make an attempt to kick the ball .. and some keepers have a low response in making an attemp to get out of their area .. In general, i think you need to organise the defense to avoid such cases .. some through balls can't be...
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    Live Update ON Vs. Live Update OFF

    In Offline matches, Players attributes differ when Live Update is ON rather than OFF. What makes it more annoying is that the players moral is fixed every match according to their recent performance. When you switch Live Update OFF before choosing your team, the attributes return back to...
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    how can i use the CB overlap tactic?

    There is an option in the main line up menu where you can choose each player for specific roles like: free kicks, penalties, corners etc etc .. You will see "Players to join attack" .. you can choose up to 2-3 defenders to join in attack in attacking moments and in corner kicks ... hope that...
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    how to download Dec DLC update?

    Yes i do ... that's why i guess .. we have to wait for a little more time i guess ...
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    how to download Dec DLC update?

    I am having an issue on downloading.. where can you update? There is no notification before or after entering the game that mentions the update .. even if i go to extras and select "statistics" .. it says " your game is out of date, please update and reconnect again " I also tried to...
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    Bouncing ball from a Goalkeeper from a long range shot ..

    It gets pretty annoying when you play against an opponent who has players that are good in shooting from far distance and your goal keeper is not able to catch the ball which results in an easy goal every time it bounces out of his hands ... I don't think it's reasonable to concede frequent...
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    It has 14 songs for the main menu and 14 for highlights .. so total is 28! and they are quite nice and updated songs ... enjoy !
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    PES 2015 data pack update

    So i got my copy of the game finally. but i can't download the update data pack .. It says go to EXTRA and then Download Data pack from main menu .. There isn't any options like that ... :S Any help?
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    PES 2015 Commentaries ?

    I've been searching for ages and couldn't find any official thing regarding the commentary... I'm impressed on how the game play has changed .. But the question rises here ... Will the commentary be improved too? Will it be like FIFA? Are we going to have new commentators? Or is it...
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    Annoying Motion Blur Effect In GamePlay.

    Don't worry everyone is suffering from this .. The motion blur will go as soon as you kick the ball out of the pitch .. I face another problem when i play offline and choose to be in the away team (Player 1) .. when i go to the formation setting, the players in the first line up start to...
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    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    Is the issue of scoring outside the box got fixed with the new DLC update? Your feedbacks are much appreciated !!
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    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    I agree ... There is a major problem in shooting outside the box ... No matter how hard it looks when the ball is hit towards the goal .. It either goes out or lands very safely in goalkeepers hands ... I also dare to see goals which are scored outside the box .. Don't tell me just before the...
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    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    I totally disagree ... I tried shooting from long range with Lampard, C.Ronaldo and others but it seems the ball reaches very easily in the goalkeepers hand using the BASIC shooting in the personal options .. ADVANCED shooting, oh well, this needs lots of training to get the shooting spot on...
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    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    Anyone managed to score from outside the box yet? I have turned the passing and shooting to BASIC but while shooting from long range, the ball is very weak and the goalkeeper manages to catch it very easily.. Is there anything else that i need to change in the setting? or is this another...
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    [BLES01408] DFL OptionFile 2012 1./2.Bundesliga|Transfers|HQ-Kits|Nationals

    This thread ended speaking in Dutch ... We can't understand anything ...
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    [BLUS30805] US Option File by Caiobl (after DLC)(PS3)

    Are you guys still suffering from problems with the current option file? Or shall I wait until a new upload with an error free version to come up ?