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  1. ??legend??

    classic teams/players on xbox 360?

    cheers man
  2. ??legend??

    kits badges etc on 360?

    how can i get the official kits/badges etc onto my 360? do u need xbox live?
  3. ??legend??

    The Best Striker On The Game

    i like ronaldo, he may be fat and getting on a bit now but he's still awesome on the game. also david suazo and ibrahimovic are both excellent choices.
  4. ??legend??

    classic teams/players on xbox 360?

    how do you unlock the classic teams or players on the xbox 360?
  5. ??legend??

    Nintendo Wii

    thats true, it does appear to be a more 'novel' console than a serious console. nintendo have a history of taking a more novel approach to gaming e.g. wario party, super monkey ball etc.
  6. ??legend??

    Nintendo Wii

    what do you mean?, theyre £180. thats fucking cheaper than a 360 at the moment. havnt got one, but i am considering it. my main concern is over the controller, if that is shite, then the whole thing will be shite, altho i heard you can get cube controllers for it. the zelda game looks good as...
  7. ??legend??

    List of underrated and overrated players.

    luca toni and messi are underrated. van nistelrooy and ronaldo are overrated
  8. ??legend??

    avatars and signitures!

    ah ok cheers, i thought it might be something like that
  9. ??legend??

    avatars and signitures!

    when i try to add a signature it says im not permitted to have a signature, is there any reason for this? also i cant seem to load my own avatar, i can only choose from the preselected ones
  10. ??legend??

    what is the recommended lineup when playing as arsenal????

    This is the formation i normally play, van persie and ljundberg are immense on the wings, i particularly like cutting inside with ljundberg, i get many goals by doing that. baptista is awesome breaking from the attacking midfield position and rosicky and silva giv good service to the wide men...
  11. ??legend??

    Better Crossing

    i normally double-tap o or do a cross on the floor. but iv recently started crossing to the near post, hold down as you press o, its very effective, just make sure you have a player there.
  12. ??legend??

    Who Is The Best Player On The Game?

    i would say out of the normal players Thierry Henry is the best he can run well with the ball and his finishing is sublime on this game. But if classic players are included then its got to be maradona, he is unrivalled. He is the best player for running with the ball and he has an amzing shot...
  13. ??legend??

    Silky Maradona Goal

    great goal
  14. ??legend??

    Halfway Line Circle Lob

    nice goal, brilliant lob
  15. ??legend??

    Watch him Go, and *Humiliate the Keeper* :)

    great goal, tried it a few times but always mistime it
  16. ??legend??

    Amazing Olympic Goal by Totti

    good goal, bit lucky tho