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    Konami Please be honest about the game

    Don't over hype it. People will not be angry when you provide accurate representation of the game you are selling them. If ONLY graphical improvements are made to the game then you should ONLY mention that in the marketing of the game. Don't over exaggerate the game-play that is based on PS2...
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    Ways to improve on PES 2010

    Play the PS2 versions only will help improve the PES alot.
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    What happened to playtesting!?!?

    Konami sucks donkey balls.
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    Top 10 things you want in PES11

    Konami to stop making football games.
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    Goodbye Konami.

    Goodbye Indeed!!!!!!!!
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    Federico Macheda

    you guys are something....
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    Federico Macheda

    wow, the experts of football talent have spoken, so guys who do you reckon real madrid or man u should buy next? common i'm sure there are managers/scouts dying for your expert opinion. five million pounds :)) where did you get that from?!?? stick to playing PES and don't talk about something...
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    i am back baby

    it's all in your head. the game is horrible.
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    Konami, please take action, or we take action!

    well, I must admit that I was completely wrong about the game. In the beginning I was only playing BAL and I guess since it was a different mode it provided some fun. I wasn't paying attention on gameplay elements in the ML mode. Also after some time even BAL showed its weakness like the...
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    Sign Here If Your Not Even Going To Give It A Chance...

    I sold my PS3 along with PES09. It was the only game I got and I actually bought the PS3 because of the game! I do understand Cg1206's frustration. PES09 is horrible, it is not even playable. I also won't be getting PES2010 straight away..since I don't have a PS3 :) But if I see Konami...
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    Konami, please take action, or we take action!

    well it's gone lads. PS3 and PES09. At least I got a good deal and didn't lose my money.
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    General PES 2010 News

    Very nicely said mate. Totally agree. I really liked "giraffe players animations, breakdancing goalkeepers" :)) that's soo true. and you forgot the AI too. There is nothing about the next-gen version that is worth anything. and I agree that FIFA is better but still has its own crappy...
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    Konami, please take action, or we take action!

    what I will regret more is when pes2010 comes out and it is no where near the hype going on on forums and then the value of my PS3 would have diminished significantly that I can't sell it with a good price. Plus don't have much to do with the PS3 from now till next november... If I did have...
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    Konami, please take action, or we take action!

    I actually just sold it with the game. I must say it's a nice closure to a rather disappointing winning eleven experience. I tried. I downloaded Killzone, I downloaded so many demos but can't get the hang of them. To me it was always about WE/PES playing ML to death from release to release (I...
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    Konami, please take action, or we take action!

    Well I found a buyer!!! and I'm currently formatting the PS3 and putting things in the box. I gave PES09 one last go (haven't touched it in weeks) and boy how crappy the gameplay is. Couple of years ago, I would never have thought that I will sell a game console because of how badly WE/PES...
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    Konami, please take action, or we take action!

    Well I've already made a huge commitment to Konami when I bought the PS3 ONLY for PES09 and was really disappointed. I don't have anyother games on it. Someone mentioned to buy KillZone2. I wish I did enjoy these games but I tried and I don't like them. Over the last 10 years I had a video game...
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    Konami, please take action, or we take action!

    I did buy PS3 back in November (i'm in US) just for PES09. I guess I should have waited. But even when I was reading negative reviews of the game, I thought "no they don't know winning eleven, it can't be" but the reviews were right and the game is horrible. I don't use the PS3 for anything...
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    Konami, please take action, or we take action!

    I feel your pain dude. PES09 AI sucks. I was enjoying bal for a while but after couple of weeks I could not take anymore of it. Tried ML and I could not tolerate that for more than couple of games let alone finish a season. The gameplay is just awful, especially the ICE SKATING players. what...
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    General PES 2010 News

    Let me first start by appologizing to anyone that thrashed PES09 on the PS3 in the past. I did defend the game then cause i was enjoying BaL in the first couple of weeks, but then moved on to ML and boy was I wrong about how good the game was. I tried to start the ML several times but with...