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  1. bergkampmagic

    PES 2008 for Wii

    It sure looks promising, but it's gonna take a lot of getting used to using the wii-motes! And there I was thinking that converting from the PS controller to a 360 was difficult. Plus given how popular the Wii is, it'll bring in even more Pro Evo converts which always bodes well. Thanks for the...
  2. bergkampmagic

    Adebayor does a Kanu

    I just pressed shoot! It registered a little late from when I pressed to when he shot, and I expected him to do a shot on the turn. No L1 or R1 or anything.
  3. bergkampmagic

    Pro Evo 08 Launch party in Sydney Went to this last night, a tournament was held with the winner scooping a PS3, as did whoever won the lucky door prize. I was pleasantly surprised that we could all play the (apparently) FULL version of the game, I was guessing beforehand that it'd be the demos...
  4. bergkampmagic

    Adebayor does a Kanu
  5. bergkampmagic

    Alex Hleb

    Against Chelsea: Two shot-feints that leave the defenders for dead, followed by a low shot into the corner leaving Peter Cech flatfooted.
  6. bergkampmagic

    purchasing X360 for PES

    The 360 has other great games so I'm sure you won't just be playing Pro Evo, even if it does take up most of your gaming time. I'll be getting it for PE, Bioshock, Gears of War, Halo 3, Crackdown, and a whole bunch of non-exclusive titles too.
  7. bergkampmagic


    I always take quick glances at it when I've got a bit of time and space. It's especially essential for those through balls to strikers who like to make runs off the shoulder of defenders.
  8. bergkampmagic

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 in January

    is the jap version of Winning Eleven gonna change its name in future, cos it'd sound pretty dodgy if it was "Winning Eleven 11"
  9. bergkampmagic


    i use a 3-4-1-2 formation. u just need really good defenders and a solid defensive mid. my valencia master league team is as follows: -------------canizares-------------- ---Hyypia----Samuel-------Mexes--- -----------------Vieira-------------- -Figo-----Gerrard-----------R.Carlos-...
  10. bergkampmagic

    player specific moves & mastering the controls!

    i found them on some website mate, but i've lost the link. so, through the kindness of my heart and the support for a fellow PE/WE fan, here is what i know: the overhead flick: pressing back on the stick when the ball is mid-height. can be done infinite times back and forth, as long as your...
  11. bergkampmagic

    player specific moves & mastering the controls!

    im sure many of you have by now noticed a strange swivel shot done when you press :R2: a couple of times when u are trying to run like diagonally with your back to goal. anyone ever scored with this strange, sneaky shot before? i always do it accidentally when im trying to quickly do a turn. it...
  12. bergkampmagic


    2 memorable bandage encounters I have once encountered a head injury where my guy ( it may have been Shearer) went up for a header and went down in a heap. A yellow box injury and i decided to sub him off. But then the game resumed with the free kick and i noticed big Al with a funny white...
  13. bergkampmagic

    ML strike partnerships

    as i 'manage' Valencia in my latest ML game, i currently have Ronaldo and Mrurawari/Les Ferdinand up front. I recommend Mrurawari as a good signing! he is brilliant in the air. I have no clue if his name is real or altered, so do a conditional search eh? Anyways, I am currently saving up...
  14. bergkampmagic

    ML strike partnerships

    SAS Euro 96 Shearer and Sheringham style for me. Two classic centre forwards, both good in the air, with the 'rough one' and the 'smart one'. As long as they have good service - deadly. Castolo and Huytens were quite funny though werent they. Castolo doesn't seem to be as good as he was in...
  15. bergkampmagic

    What's the best save you've seen?

    For me, it was when there was a mix up between the default ML players Inorov and Valery when a long ball came over and i left it for my keeper to collect it, but he did nothing! So hastily i tried to clear but merely rolled it along the ground in the panic - straight to Trezeguet waiting about 8...
  16. bergkampmagic

    Bizarre goals...

    i had a shot from ljungberg, cutting in from the right side into the area and he cracked a shot that hit the opposite angle of post and bar, it bounced down in the centre of goal on the line, hit the other angle of the crossbar (!) bounced down again, bergkamp slid in and missed it, the keeper...
  17. bergkampmagic

    PES3 "Trick" Moves

    just read on KCET's Finest that there is speculation in several Jap mags saying that the right analogue stick may be used for trick moves, like doing Zidane's 360 degree spin! Wonder where this leaves the manual pass, maybe different button configuration types eh. Aren't Konami just brilliant...
  18. bergkampmagic

    PES3 "Trick" Moves

    Read about a new flick move you can do in PES3, and I'm getting excited by this! Like i mentioned in an earlier post, if you could once in a while (very low percentage) do a great technical move, such as the Vieira flick-over an opponent as he's charging forward, that would be ace. Too often...
  19. bergkampmagic

    your favourite player on pes2

    Thomas Rosicky, such a tricky little player. I play him left mid so he can cut inside on his right foot, deadly
  20. bergkampmagic

    Annoying opposition players

    nah of course not, the beauty of mistimed tackles is that they are actually mistimed. Don't get me wrong I'm all for beautiful football which is what PE/WE is all about, but in 2 player mode against your Utd-supporting "friend" and Roy Keane leaves his foot in when you clear the ball as if you...