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    Join My New Manager Game!

    well im going off this now so if you need any help at all go to and we will help you out
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    Join My New Manager Game!

    okay one thing i would recommend is to make the text on your site a little smaller than it is, plus the background is not actually nice to say your site is a football league. but keep trying to make improvements on it
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    Join My New Manager Game!

    give the lad a break ill check your site out ;)
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    xbox 360, PS3, PS2 ?

    yeah i will be getting it for the 360, people add me as a freind on xbox live gamertag is in my sig
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    Latest XBox 360 PES6 Screens

    i dont know what your all moaning about at the end of the day all im bothered about is the gameplay not the graphics
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    Next-Gen Pro Evolution Soccer Screens

    ive got a 360
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    This Site Is Full Of Wankers!

    well if you think this site is bad come join blaaaaaaaaaaaaah, but i dont see why you shouldnt use this forum coz its one of the best you will find
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    [ALL] Watson V2.0 Option File [27/March/06]

    no good without championship
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    [ALL] Paul B’s PES5 Coca-Cola Championship OF (v2)

    i need a download link for this for max drive PS2, coz the other links says its expired
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    New Site Finally Ready

    very nice, like it alot..the buttons in the forum stand out nice!
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    Coca Cola Championship Creations for PES5

    yay i cant wait for this OF
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    pes5 released sooner?

    i never listen to rumours
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    PES5 from

    ive ordered off
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    Pro Evo Demo Out Now!!! In Playstation Magazine November 2005

    ill pop down the road now and have a look brb
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    Hey Pro fans!

    Welcome to the site
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    Demo updates??

    hey people can anyone tell me if there is any new downloads for the pes5 demo. ive got the first demo trainer but i want to know if theres any more. Thanks alot Martin
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    pes5 for me 2 morrow

    im gonna go in gamestation tommorow and blag there heads in to sell it me coz ive seen them with it behind the counter. But the bad thing is they have changed staff since last year so they probably wont sell me it early.o well if they dont ill stick the banaclava on and raid the place lol
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    Updated release date! ! !

    im gonna go to gamestation tomoz coz on the website they have put the release for first....they sold it me early last time :-)
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    Drogba's PES 5 Demo volley :)

    nice goal