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    Read before you purchase pes 14

    Already preordered the game £23 on amazon(for pc), bit gutted about no stadium editing but i'll live, as long as the gameplay is good.
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    TESCO are doing PES2012 for £32.97

    pro evo is £22 on amazon , on pc , £32 on xbox and ps3
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    Demo gameplay First Impressions

    I only give it 6/10 because of the shocking keepers ,the passing is weird , i try pass across the pitch using full power for it to just go to the closest player to the passer :erm: all the rest of the demo id give 8/10 , it's awsome. But the gk's and passing is a big let down for me, i know it's...
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    Demo gameplay First Impressions

    Quite impressed with the demo(pc) , apart from the passing and keepers , but it's a early build , hopefully the second demo will be a big improvment. 6/10 so far.
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    Ad-Boards Pes 2011

    a few i did .
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    Unorginal players.

    Right here is my team :) i only play on pc now not xbox.. My team is done , im more than happy with it, ill post my thoughts on the players i have . gk. y.pele . he's a 82 rated keeper who ive had in every pes since 2008 , he's pulled off so many world class saves for me , he has...
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    Unorginal players.

    Im on pc in div 5 now after getting rel , div4 was very good for a decent game of footy some decent players ,however on quick matches i find dv3 dv2 dv1 players some of the worse players out there for unsporting play dc, trying cutback all game etc , very rarely do you get a decent player who...
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    PES 2011 Online Cheaters List

    the next match ... andr33y_xxx ( pc ) dc cheat :(
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    PES 2011 Online Cheaters List

    brunovpd12 ( pc ) paused the game for 10 mins or so , then it come back on and he dc :(
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    Will you download the FIFA 11 demo 2moro to see if PES 2011 is better???

    Having played both demos ,all i can say is im very impressed with both games and will be buying both this year fifa for xbox ,pes for pc , for me pes has really improved since the last time i played it (pes 2009, which was shite) im really happy to have a choice of two quality football games...
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    First impressions (better/worse/same)

    First time ive played since pes 2009 , excellent demo, i will be getting the full game this year :)
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    HELPme please , i am really feeling bad right now

    Sorry edy i know nothing about window's 7 but i have a few m8 's that have it and they are having a lot of problem's running games(arma 2, badland's ,flashpoint2 etc). If i was you id format and put xp back on as it was working on that .
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    HELPme please , i am really feeling bad right now

    Maybe there is some port's you have to open????
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    PES, FIFA or Both?

    Ill be getting Fifa on the 360 and Pes on the pc...
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    Something seemingly being overlooked on PES2010 Demo....

    Who gives a shit about the music it's the gameplay that matter's....
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    Fifa 09

    Nice free kick :)
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    Fifa 09

    Ill play im already in a club but it's np to leave .i play left back or left wing but mainly lb add me.(if i can get my kid's off left for dead or cod 4/5 ) 360 name= mack2kill
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    I've finally given in!!

    This is the 1st fifa ive bought(360) since fifa 96 and i have to say im really impressed.For me pes 09 was shite hence my reason for trying fifa playing online is excellent very very little lag if any and plenty of team's to pick from.The ai is quite decent too the comentary is very good...
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    Fifa 09

    Has any one started the manager mode yet?i got to my 7 or 8th season then it just crashes on the screen that give's fact's about certain team's???same place it crashes everytime ive tried to skip match bit still crashes.Ive played the match and it still crashes ive tried a m8's copy still doe's...
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    Gamertag mack2kill Console xbox 360 Online games fight night 3 tiger woods 09 pro evo grand theft test drive u airbourne a few need for speed carbon etc swos(sensi soccer) worms a few more i can not be arsed typing