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    master league for ps4

    I just cant seem to get into it. Even thought the gameplay is awesome. With the lack of being able to have an option file and the lack of stadiums the excitement just isn't there for me anymore like it used to be.
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    December DLC/patch?

    I've followed that guys tweets for a very long time now and nothing but an A hole.
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    Anyone sick of this Adam Bhatti guy?

    i've never liked him. And I agree, he is very rude to people.
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    PES is dying

    It's going to be real interesting to see what pes 2015 has in store for us. If it's a flop like 2014, than yes, Pes will probably be no more.
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    whats the best pes

    you're correct. it was n64. and still is considered the best wrestling game still.
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    Your expectations for the forthcoming patch

    will the japanese we 2014 work on a US ps3?
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    whats the best pes

    not to get off topic but I think it's funny how ps2 had the best soccer and wrestling game. Pes 6 and No Mercy... those were so fun. then comes ps3 and they can't get it right. hopefully ps4 will be a diffrent story
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    Did anyone at Konami test this game?

    who knows what they were smoking when they did.
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    I honestly regret buying this crap. Please read!

    he is right though, the game sucks.
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    PES 2014 is really bad

    I wonder what the people at KONAMI have to say for them selves reading all these awful reviews. I really hope most of them get the boot from any future PES projects.
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    RIP PES - it's been fun.

    Hey Man... I'm with you on this. It's depressing through the years of playing ISS, WE, PES6, even PES 2013 was decent and then we get this crap. I almost get a sick depressing feeling that they just ruined everything.
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    Who's gone back to PES 2013?

    again... you're still really the only one who thinks this game is superior than the rest. Are you high?
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    PES14 is dead.. Sorry guys

    no one liked the boots
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    PES14 is dead.. Sorry guys

    I've played semi-pro soccer here in the states, i don't suck at it, I just think it's a boring game compared to what pes is known for.
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    PES14 is dead.. Sorry guys

    no, no, no, no... it's all about world cup soccer on the NES.
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    PES14 is dead.. Sorry guys

    FIFA has never ever been an option for me, I never even think about it. I'm a true pes fan. But, I will not buy this game if it's crap. The only pes game I didn't purchase, was pes 2012. And now pes 2014.
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    PES14 is dead.. Sorry guys

    mzer - it seems you're the only one who truly believes in 2014. Have you not played the early pes games, the ISS games? To know how high our expectations are, to be given this broken game. It's really a slap in the face to the fans. ITS BROKE.
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    PES2014 costs only $31 is PSN stores

    I'm def one of them. I think I'll wait until the winter before I decide if I do or not. They have a lot to fix.
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    Pes 14 opinion thus far

    The game came out today in the US. I won't be getting it unless they fix all these complaints. way too many, and I think way too many for them to fix to make the game any better.