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    Fully licensed Dutch,French,Italian,Spanish and German Leagues confirmed?

    How about stadiums? IMO we need more stadiums!!
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    Psm3 thoughts on pes2010

    I'm with you PES has lost the way. Fifa has gotten better and better over the years. The things I read do make me more hopeful that PES will get back on track. But with all the problems with the game I don't know if they can. They have gotten the liscences right and completely muffed the...
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    Psm3 thoughts on pes2010

    I got a good laugh out of that. WAKE UP!!
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    New Idea- Advanced Stadiums

    The game just needs more stadiums. More real stadiums and believable stadiums. FIFA has done a damn good job with its stadium selection.
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    Psm3 thoughts on pes2010

    Easy stuff to fix that I didn't see listed. -Stadiums -Injuries Hopefully the gameplay will make me forget that I am playing in the same stadium with superhuman players that cut on a dime no matter what and that my players have a tactical IQ of a water buffalo.
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    History in the making?

    Why can we all hope for TWO great games? I owned both games and enjoyed both games for the last 8 months. I am a gamer not a shareholder of Konami or EA. So if they both make great games I win.
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    exceptional youngsters

    they will appear every year during the winter/mid season transfer window. Just go look at newcomers and you will get a list of new players, retired and reborn players, and classic players you unlock. Bos, Shaw, Gambino are class players and there really cheap.
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    Fifa 09

    ok good I am also in the US hope it is out here and one more ? I rented the game and the one thing that pissed me off the most about it was the way the keeper would just let a striker jump up and head the ball in the goal after he made a save or your Defenders would just stand...
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    Fifa 09

    Hope someone can answer this for me!! Did the ps3 FIFA09 fix the problem where the player going for a through ball would turn backwards? I read they patch the game and hope so.
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    Why the Fan Boys

    lol i disagree there. Good but not he best so far. Oblivion, MGS4 top my list of best so far.
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    Why the Fan Boys

    60 us dollars for fifa 50 for PES
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    Why the Fan Boys

    I probaly will I have to watch the amount of $ I spend on games though =) Killzone 2, infamous, Street Fighter 4, RE5, Tekken 6 ^^ all coming out next year... thats alot of money on games.
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    New Konami Patch????

    i rented it awhile back. I prolly will in the next few weeks PES is just too easy for me... THought I would never say that
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    what is the biggest improvement required for pes2010

    Gameplay must be first on the agenda. because without it there isnt a reason to look at a pretty, licensed, tactical soccer game. -AI in the game period is just bad and stupid -Team shape is awful no matte the tactics -Dribbling is way to easy -Player defending as well as computer -Game...
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    Why the Fan Boys

    I was a PES fanboy until I rented FIFA 09 late last year. It wasn't as bad as when I played it back in 01,02,03. I honestly feel FIFA is going in the right direction alot faster than PES. Next year I have a head ache of a decision to make My love and passion PES vs The devil in a...
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    New Konami Patch????

    The lack of support in that area has turned me off so much about Konami that I doubt I buy 2010. prolly just go with fifa next year.
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    Annoying stuff about Become a Legend

    take it off easy = p
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    Annoying stuff about Become a Legend

    Liverpool won the league three years straight. I join we finish 7th. that was my last season in BAL. I said fuck it retired at 26 as the highest valued player in the world with no stat over 84... Not to mention any team I played on COULD NOT complete a game with out fucking up some...
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    any chance of the site hosting leagues or tournies. Just a thought. I would love to have some site to have a working league or ladder. i know there r ppl willing to do this.
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    North America League

    well if you that you have 16 European freinds or ppl you know that would like to have a site host a league with tables and stats. also provide scheduleing cups and ladders then i have a place that would do that. i know US and Euro play on different servers but there could be two seperate...