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  1. J

    Some ML additions I think would be nice

    Basically, you want what Football Manager offers in ML. Well, seeing as how Football Manager is as realistic as it gets, I can't say that this would be anything short of brilliant.
  2. J

    I bet it's gonna suck

    hey, its a cup of water
  3. J

    New Video

    i'm still troubled by the lack of vertical 1-2s. all the attacking movement is forwards, never ever sideways. it's like SF4, compared to something like tekken or virtua fighter.
  4. J


    forget about that, go here: download 0.7 and you will see VAST improvement in gameplay (no scripting!)
  5. J

    I want to leave FIFA and come back to pro evo.

    IMO, Wait for PES 2012. no reason to bother with 2011 this late in the game. I only recommend it if you get it for PC, as you can get gameplay patches and stuff that make konami's effort look like shite in comparison
  6. J

    Future of PES after earthquake in Japan?

    lol, this thread is so refreshing to read. glad to see there are people who still have a proper sense of life priorities. restores some faith in humanity for me.. as for pes, i wouldn't expect konami to improve 2012 even if all this stuff DIDN't happen. the lazy bastards
  7. J

    The Little Things That Get On My Nerves

    if you have the pc version, you can download a replay disabler that lets you choose which kind to keep and which to scrap. look for it on the net
  8. J

    "Select Role"

    correct me if i'm wrong, but i think actual stats don't change, it's just the game's overall rating based on KONAMI's dumb formulas. imo they don't mean jack
  9. J

    The Little Things That Get On My Nerves

    Sorry, you really shouldn't say that :( I don't mean to be sensitive but it's not a joke unless it's been disproven, which it hasn't... meaning you may in fact be going to hell :/ So I wish you wouldn't joke about it so lightly Sorry for going off topic
  10. J

    The Little Things That Get On My Nerves

    I hate: 1) AI defensive pressure with what feels like 99 body balance, 99 top speed, and 99 acceleration 2) No sideways 1-2s. Everything is so linear in this game 3) No quick long balls. I just want to whip one across the field but can't do it with a long ball That's me anyways
  11. J

    Manual pass?

    Isn't it point with the left stick, then press pass? That's what I've been using...
  12. J

    KONAMI should not be making football games

    I wish more people understood this fine line. Just because you discriminate does not make you racist. Racism is far more extreme. When countries go to war against each other, it is generally not racism but the national/cultural aspects that war against each other. For example, Koreans might...
  13. J

    Passing in the box

    its impossible to pass to someone right next to you if there's another guy standing further than him. for example, if you have a horizontal line of players like X Y Z then X will always pass to Z. at least that's what i've experienced and I haven't found a method to get it right.
  14. J

    (pes6) Players' Stats based on Football Manager 2011 for Shollym Patch

    which teams are not updated? what about celtic?
  15. J

    shooting tutorial part1

    knuckle shot ftw! but only if you can pull it off..
  16. J

    Lobbing the keeper (not close range)

    maybe R2 shot from around the box, i think i've hit those in a few times
  17. J

    boots what do they do?

    did konami ever explain it? it's just a bunch of bars to me, might as well be chocolate or candy. i literally have no idea what they do
  18. J

    PES 2011 Gameplay patch by komu

    yeah works with any OF as long as the game versions match. i've tried it with both pesedit and smoke
  19. J

    PES 2011 Gameplay patch by komu

    its a false positive, don't worry about any viruses. just make sure you put the konami folder in your guard exceptions so it doesn't report it anymore.
  20. J

    Swap Wings (Strategy Buttons)

    you have to set up diff formations for plan A and plan B and use them by pressing start and whatever key you assign it to in the game. its the formation switch thing.