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    Define: Scripting

    Scripting-Defined: When up 3-0 in MLO the opponent scores 4 straight goals in the last 15 minutes. All of which coming from funky rebounds (that defy ball physics) and AI defenders running away from ball or refusing to clear it.
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    Be honest: Which one do you prefer?

    If you made me choose, I'd say 09. But I really didn't particularly enjoy any next gen games in the series.
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    Done with this game for these reasons....

    The scripted AI has been in PES for years. Most notably after konami switched to Next Gen consoles. It's the #1 reason why I skipped out on getting PES12.
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    650 Mio. & all top players?!

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    650 Mio. & all top players?!

    MLO is stupid a half assed game mode at times last year it was fun, at other times it was wrist sliceingly awful
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    In USA , where to get PES 2012 for PC ?

    i downloaded mine from Konami's website. I think I had to put England as my home or something
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    PES 2012 Negativity thread

    Oh, so they are fixing every single thing in the game in one early patch? I'm usually takes Konami an entire console generation to do that.
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    [LIST] The cheating goes on and on...

    and this seals the deal on me not getting PES this year... I knew Konami wouldn't give MLO it's proper attention. and to think they would fix it is naive. Remember how we all thought they'd fix all the problems in MLO last year? Yea...didn't happen.
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    MLO Question

    If I were getting the game, I'd spend all my time on the first day of MLO looking for good cheap players. There were a few who cost pennies in pes11 who were solid players that had their values rocket. Certainly will be more this year
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    Napalm, STAT!
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    Second Demo, Second Opinion

    I still love how the AI dribbler can avoid your slide tackle 95% of the time...Just like in WE7 *decides to slide CB puts on instant brake and changes direction leaving me dumbfounded*
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    Order EU version to States

    I play on PC and have not seen the language option since like 09. I can see where I can change text language, but not commentators. It was great when BAL first came out, if I switched teams in a different nation, I'd choose that nations commentator language.
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    Order EU version to States

    I sorely miss being able to change the commentator language
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    Demo gameplay First Impressions

    lol yeah, any ball kicked in the air acts like a freakin balloon!
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    Demo gameplay First Impressions

    I'd be willing to do that but RO2 beta comes out today :ninja:
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    PES 2012 Demo Keeper Glitch

    I've seen keepers handle the ball into the goal... without a goal being scored...
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    Demo gameplay First Impressions

    You don't get exclusive content and interviews without getting on your knees and pleasing the man.
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    Demo gameplay First Impressions

    Just tried playing again It's really fucking bad Why the hell would they release this? They have killed my potential purchase by doing this stupid shit. I can't even get to halftime without turning the game off.
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    rest in peace 1-2

    worked for me