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    G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

    MM & GTM, don't listen to those imbeciles! Plenty of us utterly appreciate all your hard work and effort! We all have jobs to do, friends to see, families to raise, etc, creating an OF is absolutely time consuming, so it's totally understandable. I hope, for the majority of us that enjoy your...
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    G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

    Great work as always MM & GTM! Much appreciated. Can you add in Suso and Raheem Sterling for Liverpool in your next update please, ta! They're brilliant players in Liverpool's academy. Dunno if you can post links on here but here's a vid of Suso -
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    G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

    Yo, Mighty__Mag! Any chance of adding Raheem Sterling & Suso to the Liverpool first team squad, as they have now been officially given first team squad numbers. Could replace Darby and Eccleston as they have gone out on loan. They're hot prospects for LFC, Sterling like a young right footed...
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    G.T.M Pro World pes 2011 OF (PS3/UK)

    Glen, is Keisuke Honda in the game? I can't seem to find him in Master League using the advance search and entering 'Honda'. Awesome OF by the way, signed up last year, never looked back! Keep 'em coming!
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    Goalgerd & Chimps Prologue Pes2010 try that link, only got some of the pictures and they're pretty small, still searching...
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    Any chance of including Leicester City in the next update please? I mean, come on, we're 6th in the league and yet you include Derby County (in 18th place)! Thanks!
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    To those of you waiting for the Von Option File 2010...

    I had the dreaded YLOD. I managed to fix it by following the guide by gilksy on youtube. I bought silver thermal compound from Maplin for about £8 and a heat gun from Wilkinsons for £20. Since it was out of warranty anyway I had no qualms of taking it apart. It worked and I think it's...