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    This Is Just Unbelievable

    yeah leave the knuckle dragging inbred alone
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    Xbox 360 Pes 6 Crap?

    shut up you fucking wanker, pro evo 6 on the 360 is the bollocks. you are just a knuckle dragging inbreded half breed who knows fuck all so eat cock and choke fucker
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    Free Kicks

    you hit the free kick with your normal shot button then press y staright after to hit it harder, tells you this is the manual
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    problem shooting read this

    bollocks bollocks bollocks!!! The way you shoot has nothing to do with the screen. best way to shoot is to knock the ball out of your feet while running and hitting the shot at the right moment, the hard bit is making the space. if you run onto it right you can hit the shot with full power...
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    Just thought it might be a good idea to flaunt your squad?? Heres my chelsea master league squad in formation 3-4-3 with a diamond in middle cech rio ferdinand john terry ashley cole...
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    [ALL] LG Option File V1.5

    Hi , don`t want to sound stupid but i`m new to this updating. Is it possible to update the option file on the xbox 360 for pro evo 6 and if so how do i go about it. Any help would be great. Cheers peeps