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    ML Development Help

    Good for realism but the lack of in game editing, that's disapointing but thanks for the info Zest0. I suppose I better edit the kit right 1st time then if it's going to be with me for about 15-20 seasons... Cheers Paul
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    ML Development Help

    Hi all, PES is all about the ML for me and I can see there are many improvements to it this year but..... After starting a new ML (with development switched ON) I found the player development graph for all players within training but no data was displayed in the graph. Not sure if I've...
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    Master League Problem!

    Please explain!!
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    Recommend a good LWF

    Benzema, Nani, Shaw.....
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    Exhibition mode after update

    You still need the v1.2 update otherwise you cannot load the game when connected to the internet, just don't download the update from within the game afterwards and all is fine. Cheers Paul
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    Exhibition mode after update

    I presume you started your ML before the konami update was available (like me)...!!! If so, you need to remove the system/game data and v1.2 update. Then re-install the v1.2 update without downloading the roster and kit updates, as this is what screws with the player stats. Hope this...
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    Cunning Stunts 1st Team (4th season) ---------------------------(gk) Akinfeev --------------------------- ----------------(cb) Caceras-----------(cb) Fernandez-------------- --(sb)M.Richards--------------------------------------(sb)Drenthe--...
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    The Official "Who's On Your Master League Scout List" Discussion

    My scout list season 4 just before mid-season; Forestieri (SS) 21 - peak 25 @ 90.5 Griffiths (WF) 18 - peak 27 @ 92.5 (konami) Shaw (SMF) 19 - peak 23 @ 93 (konami) Bradley (CMF) 18 - peak 27 @ 90 (konami) Doesburg (SB) 20 - (konami) Fredriksson (GK) 18 - peak 28 @ 93 (konami)
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    The update will not effect your ML progress, but if you attempt to play an exhibition game against a friend and load your ML team, your stats will have changed for all players. You can still update pes to 1.20 but don't download the roster update within system settings/download. Hope this...
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    If You Had To Pick One Song

    Kasabian - Clubfoot U2 - Beautiful Day, works a treat aswell...
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    Problem with Using ML team in VS mode

    This has been discussed here - I found that this is caused by the konami update. Unfortunately if you start your ML again from scratch, are you going to have to start again every time konami release an update? I did'nt want to after playing 3...
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    Master League Problem!

    Morning guy's. After much frustration I attempted to fix this problem last night and have a half decent solution. Back-up the following files if you wish to protect them, then... 1. Delete 'system data' from 'game data'. 2. Delete 'edit data' from 'saved game data'. 3. Disconnect...
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    Master League Problem!

    After playing almost 3 seasons in the ML, I don't really want to start again. So are you saying that the only other way around it is NOT to complete the konami update? .... and use an OF that has all of konami's data included? Cheers Paul
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    Master League Problem!

    Exactly the same happened to me, I was just about to post about it. My mate visited at the weekend to play against my ML team with his (I have updated to v1.20 & using wenb option file), so I had to delete the roster update and re-install the initial 41mb update, which sorted the problem but...
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    What's the name of your ML team?

    Cunning Stunts!!!
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    Some Real Good players in master league

    Akinfeev, Hong Yong Nam (konami) & Fredriksson (konami)
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    Need a new side back

    Yes and still as good as ever!!
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    Defending Ronaldo/Messi Runs.

    I do the same, this is good advise... it has worked well for me since pes5.
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    Guy's, go into edit mode and manually move the players you want into pes/we utd and remove the current ones. Once done exit the edit mode and start ML as pes/we utd with match mode players. This way you will have the players you want from the start of Div 2 and none of the transfer agro...
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    740p or 1080i?

    I would look at the cable or the connection rather than the settings, as I use a Sony Bravia 26" LCD most of the time set to 1080i and don't have any problems at all. Pickup a new cable if the connection is good on the back of the TV. Hope this helps Paul