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  1. Z

    Online PLayers

    Played recently and the majority of players selected Liverpool and tryed to do the same with Fernando Torres.
  2. Z

    Scanning In images

    It only works if your using the PS3 eye cam.
  3. Z

    Good young DMF needed for ML

    First name or last name is Ouichi (Ouiche). African player...found him under quick talent search. He's 19-21 yrs old. Can't remember exactly. His name looks Japanese. Fast Runner, Defense starts at 73, but all of his other abilities make up for it.
  4. Z

    problems with the face scan in master league

    You can't edit created players once you start your Master League. You have to create a player then sign him. I tryed to change the face on one of my created players and I got the same result. Black Generic player with no face. Once you create a player...other than his player skills, all of his...
  5. Z

    Dualshock 3 compatibility??? It's up to Konami to add DS support. I'm sure PES 2009 will have it.
  6. Z

    Work in Progress: Making a MLS 08'/Mexican Option file, need your help!

    check out They have tons of editing threads for each league. You can use it for reference. The MLS thread has a lot of info with up to date transfers. Unfortunately I don't think anyone has started a thread for the Mexican League. As far as your fourth team I recommend Santos or...
  7. Z

    What would you like to see in Pro Evo 2009 ???

    Other than the obvious...I would like to see more teams that reflect the region the game is released. For example, MLS and or Mexican League teams for the North American Release. Or one universal game that contains tons of teams. I think having a J-league team vs a Mexican League team would...
  8. Z

    whats the point

    Trying to defend Messi will make you a better player.
  9. Z

    The 'FM08 Stats converted to PES2008 Stats' Thread *ALL REQUESTS HERE*

    Little late to the party...but if this includes retired players can I get Luis "el matador" Hernandez. Mexican Player. His last club was the LA Galaxy.
  10. Z

    Edit Mode Emblem Upload? need the eye toy. Also the quality isn't that good. I created my own Kit, but it took some trial and error.
  11. Z

    PES 2008 PS3-Xbox 360 **US** released version comments Thread

    Thanks...sounds like nothing has changed too much.
  12. Z

    PES 2008 PS3-Xbox 360 **US** released version comments Thread

    I didn't purchase it because I got the UK version, but has said some good things about the gameplay. IGN is going to give a full final review soon. I know someone is going to ask you, so save us the trouble and play online. Then let us know weather it lags or not. Or if the lag is tolerable.
  13. Z

    Mls Option File Please!!!

    If it was a PS3 option file I would be happy with 5 teams.
  14. Z

    Mls Option File Please!!!

    I've been searching for one myself, but after finding some info online, looks like people are waiting until the season starts in order to get the final rosters.
  15. Z

    ohhh!!! i nearly scored the greatest goal EVER on pro evo

    Bicycle kick in front of the net and it hit the top post. Just last night.
  16. Z

    Anyone have a PS EYE and want to do some faces? doesn't work. After trying it myself and asking around, it seems the eye toy is the only way.
  17. Z

    Can I transfer kits from PES Editing Blog Spot? Without taking a pic, Link attached.

    Is it possible to transfer Kits from PES Editing Blog Spot without using the PS3 Eye Camera? Here is the link: I know I have to overwrite a kit I already downloaded, but is this possible, if so, can someone tell...