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    *PES6-ML* Best Youth Players That Develop Into World Class ..

    but shimizu is superb i played with him in pes4,pes5 and now in pes6
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    *PES6-ML* Best Youth Players That Develop Into World Class ..

    Bos Shimizu Both are World class iam in 3 season both are 19 and both are already superb and Park chu young, Heitinga, Emanuelson, Mikel they are very good also
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    You're Master League so far?

    iám in 3th season of division 1 fixture11 Playing with AJAX this is my team Gk:Stekelenburg/Canizares(18) Rb:Heitinga/Maldini(19) Cb:Kompany/Stam Cb:Chivu/Bos Lb:Emanuelson/Maxwell Dm:Mikel/Pirlo Cm:Sneijder/Aissati Am:Cole/Shimizu Rwf:Park Chu Young/Wilhemson Cf:Villa/Kuyt...
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    Master League lineup

    shimizu and bos are great youngstars and park chu young and aissaty are also very good
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    Master League lineup

    gk:Stekelenburg, Canizarez (17years) Cb:Stam, Chivu, Bos, Kompany Rb:Heitinga, Maldini (18years) Lb:Maxwell, Emanuelson Dm:Mikel, Maduro Cm:Sneijder, Seedorf Am:Aissati, Shimizu Rf:Park Chu Young, Wilhelmson, Ribery Lf:Babel, Ewerton Cf:Kuyt, Anelka Playing with ajax, in the 3 season...
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    Help:Xbox-Live with 2 players

    I always played pes 5 online with my brother. But when we want to play Pes 6 online on the xbox 360 we could do that only with 1 player. How can we do this with 2 players? p.s. Sorry for the bad English.
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    Free Kicks-Very very hard

    indeed freekicks are very hard but is score 3 times with henry its very hard when you shooting at great goalkeepers and when youre are at 24m or more but when youre in that range en you shoot the ball you can score one
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    i have pes6

    today on 24-10-2006 i got pes6 it is a master game superb i play english leage with arsenal 8 games ( 9 goals henry ) you can just kick ass with henry the only thing that is bad is edit mode because i have x-box360 but the gameplay is superb the referee is very good whit the...
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    i have 3484 points! but some guys are pissed me of , when they are behind always sliding, sliding etc about every atack of me 3fouls, but you can do that at pes 5 because youre almost never get a card very very very someimes you get one but when you do a slidin not one the ball you have...
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    i heard of him he has very bad lagging but he has never won against me btw what is youre rank online
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    referee in pes6?

    how is the ref in pes6? because in pes5 you never get a card you can tackle someone from behind and you sometimes get a card a player on goal an tackle from behind sometimes get a yellow card and it have to be 95% of the time red.. but is only is 5%red and how can you get 10fouls...
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    Pre-orders and release date?

    20 okt release dat ? the replay game shop, it says 20 okt release dat !, it says 20 okt release dat ! eindhovensdagblad(local newspaper), it also says 20okt release date! so is it 20 or 27?
  13. D Guarentee game dispatched 20th, 1 Week Early!

    volgens mij klopt die release date bij gewoon. want bij Replay gameshop (eindhoven) , is de release datum ook 20 okt. dus ben ik er langs geweest om hem te bestellen, en die mense zede ook gewoon dat ie er de 20ste al was dus volgens mij klopt die datum gewoon hoor !
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    demo version x-box 360

    does anybody now, when you can download the X-BOX360 demo version of pes6 !!
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    PES 6 Suggestions

    i think the referee have to be better .. because he gives to fast a free kick.. you only have to come close to someone en he gives a free kick.. but where are the cards.. when you defenty need to have a yellow card the referee only gifs a free kick.. en when you have just kicked some ass...
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    Anybody Need Player Stats?

    you got a lot of players ...but .... no zlatan..rooney..ronaldinho..zidane..chivu....henry...