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    How many seasons have you played so far?

    I'm in my 7th season (3rd season on Top Player difficulty). I've played all the games including the preseason matches. I'm still trying to win a treble. I did it once but that was on Professional. So how many seasons have you guys played?
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    December 20/12 Patch Details !

    Question: Does the patch for new goal celebrations carry over to an existing Master League? Or do I have to start a new Master League (offline mode)?
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    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2012/13

    That's strange because when I downloaded Daymos' patch, the Premier League squads were up-to-date. And I'm pretty sure other leagues were, too. But again, my question is, can you just add emblems to the game so I can install them for the four teams that are missing their emblems? But I guess...
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    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2012/13

    I have Daymos' patch, which includes all Bundesliga teams. But the problem is four of them don't have their emblems: Eintracht Frankfurt, Fortuna Dusseldorf, SC FreiBurg, Greuther Furth. Does anyone know how I can add their emblems? I'm on 360.
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    problem ? (Neymar and James Rodriguez)

    It just seems hard and nearly impossible to buy players that are not on the Target list.
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    AI always scoring on free kicks

    I have noticed this now. If you tacle the AI on a breakaway, the AI will surely score on the free kick especially if the taclkle happened near the penalty area. Just another evidence of cheating AI. There's no way to block the free kick.
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    Who is still playing PES 13?

    Yes, I'm still playing. I'm still trying to win a treble in ML on the Top Player difficulty. So far, it's been really difficult. I'm prone to early exits in the domestic cup.
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    Does anyone know how to rush the throw-in? It's really annoying that it takes a while before your player throws the ball in. It's like he has to wait for a defender to get close before you pass it. When I see a teammate who is wide open, he won't get the ball immediately.
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    AI always scoring on free kicks

    Ever since I moved to Top Player, the AI would score on free kicks 8 times out of 10. This is sickening.
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    What to set transfer activity?

    Gotta put it on high. I didn't get any offers for the players I put on the transfer list when I set it on normal. If you don't like top players moving, then that's not realistic because in reality, they do move. It's business. FWIW, I'm in my 4th season and guys like Messi, Puyol, and Iniesta...
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    How do you handle blowout losses in ML (offline)?

    Say you are getting your ass whooped 4-0 and it's only in the first half. Do you ragequit? When it happens to me, I kinda want to, but at the same time, it's cheating. Or do you just play through it? I HATE conceding a lot of goals, win or lose. I'd rather lose a league match 1-0 than win 5-4.
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    Does the AI ever get red cards?

    Never saw this happen. After a player gets a yellow, the AI is too smart to avoid making challenges. Even then, vicious tackles don ever result to straight red cards when the AI opponent does it.
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    Why does the defence always approch the halfway line??? How to prevent this FLAW

    I've kinda adjusted to this cheating way of the AI. I now always watch the potential player where the player with the ball will pass it to and it's usually a forward, of course. I now make sure that that forward is marked and let the AI teammate defend the player currently dribbling the ball...
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    Are clean sheets ridiculously hard to accomplish against he AI?

    I just recently moved to Top Player but only because I found it way too easy to score on Professional. Even then, I always had a hard time keeping the AI from scoring against me. In the ML, I'm always the leader in goals conceded amongst the top 6 teams in the league. The AI just finds its way...
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    Your flop signings?

    Pedro has been a flop so far for me. His first full season with Chelsea - 2 league goals...
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    How to bend free kicks?

    So far, my free kicks have all been straight and always relied on power. How do you actually bend it (like Beckham, LOL)?
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    Chant map

    How do I do this with the Xbox 360?
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    If I download another patch, would it affect the patch that I've already downloaded?

    I want to download a patch for boots but I've already downloaded another patch (for kits, licensed leagues, and edited stadiums). So if I downloaded a boots patch, will it affect/erase the previous patch I downloaded?