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    should SHOTS be redisigned?

    must say i love the shots on pes 2011, reminds me of what it use to be like before the ps3 ruined the platform. I think Konami have got it spot on this time, pes 2012 should be even better :)
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    L2 Dribbling

    Im such a nob and so very ashamed of myself! :)
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    pes2011 *PC* "Unable to login"

    Why Oh why oh why ??? Im back again.... Right i finally get the game running as sweet as a nut at 1080p , thanks all for your help by the way!! The problem i have now is when i am trying to get the game online. This is what i did.. Ran PES2011 went to Online "register" Got...
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    Commentary .......

    I hate Mark Lawrenson, im so glad they ditched him :) The commentry has never been anything brilliant on Pro evo, i hate the "barn door thing too" lol. Fact is that the commentry in pro evo should atleast try and stop repeating itself during "1 MATCH" in some games i can here the same comment...
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    (PC) Pro evo 2011... I have issues

    Finally i have sorted it :) And very stupidly i didnt check it... I cant believe how simple a fix it was. By simply changing my resolution to 1980x1080p from 1280x720p it runs as smooth as a baby's arse... Wow, this gameplay is a genuine and serious rival for the ps3 version and i am chuffed...
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    (PC) Pro evo 2011... I have issues

    yep, done all of this yesterday bud and still no joy
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    (PC) Pro evo 2011... I have issues

    Its only running 1280 x 720p on a 42" Panasonic viera plasma, the same as my desktop settings and the refresh rate is 60hz. These are the the recommended settings suggested by ATI CCC, so thats what i stuck to. Every other game i own and play such as BF2, MW2, GRID, TMUF all run fantastic but...
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    L2 Dribbling

    It's been there many of years :) and yes i love it too!
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    (PC) Pro evo 2011... I have issues

    Ok dude, yeh kinda silly of me not to put my specs down... here go's! Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Intel i5 quad core 760 cpu overclocked to 3.6ghz 4gb Corsair ddr3 1600mhz 1TB Hdd xfx HD5770 1GB :(
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    old school d pad??

    D-PAD FTW! No doubt!
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    (PC) Pro evo 2011... I have issues

    First off, the game is fantastic :) However i decided to buy it for the PC this time and i have just installed it to find out that it doesnt run very smooth at all. I was wondering if anyone else has had any jerky issues with the PC version at all ? You can really notice the jerky movements...
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    Hello all , New user of the forum but not new to pro evo, thought id say ello ;)