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    [KITS] MarcFDZ22 for PS4/XONE - I Do Requests

    Just use Google, there's tonnes of photos. Adidas are pretty generic this year anyway
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    [KITS] MarcFDZ22 for PS4/XONE - I Do Requests

    They need some work. 3 stripes on all the shorts. Same again on the away and gk socks. The home kit is a v-neck too
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    The PES 2015 "Rage" Thread

    I've had loads. Scored some crackers from them too
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    Third kits (new to PES) on Xbox One

    Can't you add them? You have an option on ps4, I assume it's the same on xbo?
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    PS4 PEs 2015 option file without PNG's

    You can do it yourself
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    How do you prevent being Fifa noobed?

    You're the stupid one. Why didn't you push your players forward, change your tactics/set-up etc?
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    Loving this game but , KKONAMI please !

    It's not that simple. It's about exclusivity. Just like if you tweet a bit of coverage from a live Saturday 3pm premier league match, the league can prosecute you for infringement of image rights or some bollocks like that. It's really not Konamis fault
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    Live Update on PS4

    Nice one, thanks
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    Live Update on PS4

    How do we know if it's been implemented? Anyone else on ps4 seemingly not getting it?
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    The PES 2015 "Rage" Thread

    Not sure some PCs are
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    The PES 2015 "Rage" Thread

    Entrance scenes have been removed on the ps3 too. You get the sense the unit isn't powerful enough to run the Fox engine. Perhaps that's why pes2014 was such a failure
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    option File ps4 pes2015.

    Wellbeck is only just ok! In the respect pes 2015 is very realistic
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    Obvious handicapping/scripting. Remove it or give me refund

    Really? Oh no, it's you again. No surprise there then
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    PS4 or Xbox One? Editing allowed?

    I really don't understand why they've ditched the pixel editor. It seems a real misstep by Konami. Considering the strides they've made this year, that's like a massive jump backwards. Retarded!
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    In-game kit editing (PS4)

    Already seen that, just wondering if anyone else has had a go and have their own ideas
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    In-game kit editing (PS4)

    So, bearing in mind the inability to import images on NG etc & the fact that the In-game kit templates are the same as last year (thanks in no part to Konami's utter laziness in that regard), has anyone had a go at creating the Premier League & Championship kits on pes2014, as a guide for 2015...
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    Missing transfers

    capoue=15 lamela=11
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    [KITS] Mrashesburn's Kit Shop (No Requests!)

    I've got a request for the premier league...when you do the spurs kits can you do the cup one too, with AIA as the sponsor. Thank you kindly
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    First PS3 Editing question...

    What is known about kit editing on pes 2014? Ive heard its going to be similar to pc editing, but to what degree? Are current pngs going to be obsolete? Etc etc
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    Kit & Logo Request Thread

    New Sunderland Afc Home kit