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    Who is still playing PES 13?

    Just wondering who is still playing PES 13. Here you can specify when and how often you play and also whether or not you are still enjoying the gameplay refinements a month after release.
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    How does the 360 full version run?

    Whats it like without patch 1.01? I cant get Xbox live at my college. Is it worth getting playing version 1.00 Can i download the patch for xbox online anywhere for xbox 360?
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    Is PES 2012 on PC the way to go?

    How do I optimize PES 12 on my PC? Its relatively new and has Windows 7. The demo works well sometimes but then stutters at other times. Is it to do with drivers? Im clueless in this regard
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    In USA , where to get PES 2012 for PC ?

    is it available on the konami website? can someone link me to it?
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    Sorry but. . . . Its time to sell it!!

    You are constantly wasting time on these forums lamenting on your unsuccessful football career, crying that you know a lot about football and complaining about football video games. I do enjoy you're shit attitude regarding life as you are one of lifes losers. Unlike you I've actually made...
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    Sorry but. . . . Its time to sell it!!

    Contradictory. You are paying attention now. Sad individual... And obviously im not the only one who doesnt have time for you. Pity about your football career you amateur.
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    Why are 90% of ML matches at night!!!????

    I know most of Serie A matches take place in evening time but when I am playing in the Premier League with as good option file and stadium pack playing matches at night wrecks the whole authenticity and feel of me actually playing in the Premier League. I wish there was an option to turn this...
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    Chimps with Quiffs Goalgerd UK PS3 World Soccer V1 with FULL EDITED GAMEPLAY

    Quick question, been a long time since i done this How do I copy this onto my PS3? Do I just need the single download which is on the 1st page?
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    [MULTI] Bennetinho & Pategato's PES 6 2008/2009 Option File

    Any idea of how to get this or any other PES 6 file on PS3?
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    Winning Eleven 2010 is better than PES 2010

    how about online play? also where can i get it in the UK?
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    havent started one yet, might go with AC Milan on top player and try to recreate the glory days when they dominated domestically and in the Champions League. Top player it has to be if I am going to start with Exhibition mode players.
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    Pes 2010: Hit or miss?

    Do not agree. PES 2010 is difficult and well very rewarding. PES 6 got very easy after a while and it became too easy to take it around players. PES 2010 requires thought and wll those who have the patience for it will not be disappointed. A great improvement on PES 09 which will hopefully be...
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    Pes 2010: Hit or miss?

    Yeah after playing the game for a few weeks I have adjusted to these certain frustrations you have expressed. Still it is far better than previous next gen efforts and with improved gameplay and masterleague it will be the 1st PES next gen to keep me going without going back to PES 5/6
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    Gamespot review - 6.5/10

    Totally in shock after reading the gamespot review. I think Konami have made great strides this year. Evidently some reviewers cannot recognise that beyond PES's inferior looks to FIFA that there is a decent game of football. While still flawed the fun factor in my view is definitely back and I...
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    Pes 2010: Hit or miss?

    Definitely do not agree with this. The gameplay in PES 2010 is very rewarding and addictive experience much like older PES's. FIFA's gameplay after around 10hrs gets repetitive and well does not appeal to me as I feel like I have got the most out of the game. I am pleased with the results of...
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    Pes 2010: Hit or miss?

    Does it live up to expectation or is it another failed next gen attempt? Give reasons for your answer and tell us whether PES 2010 is indeed a hit or indeed a miss. Personally I think its a lot better than any other next gen PES and is starting to grow on me, I think this is the 1st next...
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    The psm3 review is a joke!!!

    I do not know what the fuss is all about. PSM3 clearly stated in their conclusion that their article is biased as they said they will always prefer PES to Fifa. It was written from a PES fan perspective so I can't comprehend why you are so annoyed when it was expected. And anyway the comparison...
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    Psm3 thoughts on pes2010

    I do not see how Konami will listen to PESGAMING anymore since they are breaking copyright laws publishing PSM3's article on their site.
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    Messi is PES 2010 Motion Capturing Star

    Excellent. Hopefully PES will be at E3 next week.