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    [BLES01407] paul2478 2012 PS3 Option File

    Thanks for this amazing update paul!!
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    [BLES01407] paul2478 2012 PS3 Option File

    Hi Paul is there any chance you finish you're OF today? Or will it be released tomorrow? P.S. you're the best!!
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    [STADIUM] The Stadium Creation Thread (Index in 2nd Post)

    Great job on the eredivisie stadiums Vossie!!
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    [BLES01407] paul2478 2012 PS3 Option File

    Thanks for the championship stadiums + list Looking forward to the EPL stadiums
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    [PS3] LuukZwaan's Exported teams sharing thread (BLES 01407)

    Great work on the Anderlecht team Luuk!!
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    [BLES01407] paul2478 2012 PS3 Option File

    Wow thats really great news wipsnadepoo!! Hope you can put the stadiums in your championship update Paul. really looking foward to it!!