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    Serie A Faces/Hairstyles

    Excellent stuff dude!
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    Combining Face/Hairstyles for unlicensed players

    "For Howson I use Chris Brunt (NIre) and hair: Short, Straight 44" thanks man, will check it out when i get home :)
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    Combining Face/Hairstyles for unlicensed players

    Can anybody suggest even a slight face match for michael johnson (City) and/or Johnny Howson (Leeds). They're two of my fav players and of course the only two i just can't do. Any suggestions at all would be really appreciated and i'll return help if needed
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    Is there a way to transfer official Konami updates by USB to PS3?

    I am pretty sure you can't dude. I bring my ps3 to a mate's to download the packs
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    Cant play master leaue???

    I downloaded the data pack after i had installed an option file and it worked fine for me. The data pack just adds boots and registers players to correct teams etc. It doesn't touch the emblems etc
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    ML finding International players, all missing?

    Yep players not registered to a club won't be available to buy in master league. They will appear at random seasons as youth players in randon teams. What i always do is create a couple of teams like 'Bundesliga 1 and 2', Asia FC and 'NPower Championship 1 and 2' and register international...
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    SOS! Please help!

    When i try to load up pro evo 2010 on my ps3 just after those stars at the bottom left are flashing indicating that it's loading an error message comes up and won't load the game. It says: "Registaration of trophy information could not be completed. The game will quit. (8001050F)". It then just...
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    You Want Any Kit Made For You???

    could you please do leeds united? i cant find it anywhere. the forgotten team!!
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    People are always (PES)imistic..

    Totally agree with the opening post, i played PES 2008 all year until last week - i don't even have another game nor do i rent any. I thought 2008 was relatively poor coz was too easy to score and the edit mode was crap and both of those seem to be fully addressed so i'm delighted and can't wait...
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    Playstation 3

    ????????????? Where on earth do you get the ps3 demo? i dowloaded the pc demo but my pc wont support it, then for the last 4 hours i've been searching through forums for a link or something to the ps3 version. can anyone help?????????? please!
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    [PC] WanYinWah pes 6 option file *UPDATE!*

    ps2 hi, are either of those links in the main thread for the ps2? i presume not but can you pst the ps2 link if you have it
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    You're Master League so far?

    just started my 3rd season with my created Leeds Utd team. in div 1 now which is made up of all premeirshipteams plus celtic and rangers. started with the default players and her's my team now Carson micah richards king...
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    PES6: Super Developing Players

    i created Leeds Utd and started with the useless default players, needless to say i couldn't hit the preverbial cows arse with a banjo until the first transfer window. i brought in matthieu, carson, micah richards, park chu young, huddlestone, karl svensson, boa morte, and aghahowa. they were...