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    Static Players

    There are times when my players just seem to stop moving. 1. My defenders sometimes do not move sometimes and just allow the oposition striker to walk right through . 2, When chasing a player down sometimes the player seems to stop when he gets behind a player when chasing a loose ball...
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    D Pad

    II've been using the D pad ( x box controller on PC ) but now I cannot egt it to work and it will not change in the system settings managed to swap direction via steamapps but very slow response Anyone got any ideas
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    Barcelona Help

    LOts of views but no comments.... quite sruprised how liitle help seems to be forthcoming around here :(
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    Barcelona Help

    I'm trying to stick to Barcelona to get used to playing one team but still getting butt well kicked, I dont seem to have enough guys running through and not enough in defence, This is for online games. I know I need to get my shooting better and quicker and my tackling is dire when I;m being...
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    Real Madrid

    Sounds a lot like a whinge ( it is ) Juat got my ass handed to be by a decent player 17-0 I was Man Utd and he was Real Madrid. So far I've played 18 quick games and 14 have been against Real !!! Is everyone so eager to win at all costs they have to pick the best team rather than the...
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    Newb and is the Quick Match dead ??/

    68 views and no comments ?
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    Newb and is the Quick Match dead ??/

    I've not played this game for at least 8 yrs so things have moved on a bit. My main problem seems to be tackling and also my player standing still after being tackled. Also I've been using Man Utd ( not the best ) for my quick games. I've now played 12 quickies and met Real Madrid in 9 of...