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    Master League

    True, that can definitely be a factor... Scouting reports on Nani though suggest that he is having a tough time cracking the starting lineup... but perhaps he feels I have too many SMFs on my team?.. that could also be a factor... lots of unknowns :)
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    No Control?

    Its a bit stiff, no doubt about it. You want to hold R2 when the ball is in the air to take full control of the player.. and you want to use super cancel R1 + R2 to snap the guy off the rails.. I think that might be the same in fifa? The other issue is that PES still has only 8 directional...
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    Master League sins

    No matter what happens I can't bring myself to reset a game. It defeats the entire purpose for me... Just last night, I faced some scrappy team in D1 and I let a stupid goal in early in the game.. where a over the top pass hit their striker perfectly, while my Defender was jerking off into his...
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    Master League

    I'm in my 4th season (2nd in Div 1) and was going for Denielson, Nani, and Comicho..or soemthing like that.. forgot his name. Anyway, since points are not an issue at this point I threw lots of cash at either of them... I could get the club to agree but they just wouldn't come over. I was...
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    it's only a small thing but...

    Victory parade for what? Surely not Euro Cup '08 ;) Too soon?
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    What game level do you play ?

    Always top player.. I did try Professional just to see the difference... not sure if I noticed anything significant...
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    ML: Custom Team - Starting Players

    Uhmm... I don't think you can.. did not see that option. YOu can just transfer loan who you want on your team for 1 point... just keep doing that, they will never refuse you. Its a bug.
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    tackeling on pro

    I think there are different ref personalities... some refs are more lenient than others. You tend to figure out pretty quickly which one will let you get away with some stuff and which ones don't. I do wish there was a setting where I could tell my AI guys to NEVER attempt a slide tackle. I...
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    Newcomers - Palmieri and Gibson

    Well, I think they just show up randomly... Some people say this guy showeed up for them in the first transfer period, while some people into the 4th season haven't seen him... things like that..
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    tackeling on pro

    Yeah I don't know why so many people complain about this. In a ML season I probably get sent off once... MAYBE twice and that's either because the AI tackles someone for me or because I intentionally take someone down to prevent a 1-1 situation. I'm not sure how people manage to get sent off...
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    Master League

    Yeah, I think the best challenge is default players + Top Player + Master League: Hardest. I would also restrict myself from doing transfer loans since they are broken. At least thats how I've played it... I think ML is good for about 4 or 5 seasons tops, then its just a cake walk. I'm...
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    Master League

    Just finished my 3d season (first season in D1). I won the D1 cup, but placed 2nd with 5 points behind Inter :( Anywho, I'm entering the offseason with about 55,000 points in the bank and a team salary of only 21k, so I have some points to spend! I might go after some personal favorites...
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    Master league starting 11

    I'd recommend the PES Guide, its pretty nice, covers everything you need to know.
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    Master League

    Yep :(
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    Master league starting 11

    You can set your lineup for how you want it to be before every game by going to Team Adjustments > Formation changes.. or something regarding Formation... then just click on Substitution, click on a guy, and then hit the right button or scroll down until you get to your reserves and swap them...
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    Master Leauge FRUSTRATION

    That I don't know... I doubt it.... I assume that Konami has probably restricted some players from playing in D2 period... it would be weird to see Kaka for a D2 team :)
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    Master Leauge FRUSTRATION

    Eh, I don't know, he's starting ML with <insert powerhouse team name here>... does it really matter after that? :)
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    Master League

    Well there you go.. Nani.. his stats are insane.. well at least with my sh1tty US game they are... way higher than they should be.
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    Master League

    Nani ... not sure if he has a real face or not.
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    starting master league any tips??

    I would say that if you struggle with man u in D2 then its just a matter of learning the fundamentals of the game... What difficulties are you having more specifically... passing, shooting, dribbling.. where do things start to go wrong in your eyes?