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    Favourite player of all PES series ?

    Lionel Messi from Winning Eleven 10...he is pure class. Can dribble, can shoot, can pass...what more can you ask for?
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    How to Shoot?

    Just shoot with your legs will do...XD But seriously, most shots will usually go where you press on the for placing shots, R2 + Square is the way to go.
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    How many free-kicks have you scored?

    Well although I play Winning Eleven 10, these are the players whom I have scored a free kick with: Sneijder van Bommel Beckham Emanuelson ....(I forgot the others)
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    want a great striker to partner rooney

    Well, there are a lot of good strikers in the are some that you can choose from: Lionel Messi Zlatan Ibrahimovic Alberto Gilardino Andriy Shevchenko Fernando Torres Didier Drogba Thierry Henry Adriano Valeri Bojinov Markus Rosenberg Ryan Babel Dirk Kuyt Ernest...
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    Wing Backs Vs. Side Mid-fielders

    It depends on the situation...for example, if your opponent attacks mainly from the wings (e.g. 4-3-3 formation), you'll probably not want to use WBs because your defence will be exposed...similar explanation, you could use WBs if you know your opponents like to cram up in the middle of the field...
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    try this in ML

    Well Tottenham do have some decent players...Robinson, Defoe, Davids, Mido, Robbie Keane...why wouldn't anyone want their players?
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    Winning Eleven 10 Rumours

    Things I want to see in WE10: 1). Full license for all teams 2). Better structured Master League (e.g. all leagues have two divisions, loads of new players generated after the old ones retire [Please DON'T make them appear again!]) 3). More animations (e.g. only one animation for injury is...
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    Problem with air play....

    Try to dominate the play...when you have the ball, the opponent cannot do anything. Also, when the opponent uses a formation that favours wing play, try to stifle their play by employing a formation that counters their formation, e.g. 4-4-2 diamond.
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    What would you credit as the key to your goal scoring?

    Imagination is the key...always try to exploit the loopholes in opponent's defence by trying different routes of approach...also, make sure you have the right players in the right position.
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    3 star difficulty..

    Starting at any level may appear difficult at first...but just keep in mind that winning a PES game always involve the similar ingredients...hard work + patience + creativity + experience + a bit of luck...
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    Biggest Surprise

    My biggest surprise came when I was using Ajax, playing against Stuttgart in the league. Their 'keeper Hildebrand made a poor clearance and it went straight to my midfielder Lindenbergh...and he just took a shot straight away from 30m out, the ball flew into the net after crashing against the...
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    Shot Aiming...

    So troublesome...just switch the view to 'wide' and aim with your D-Pad instead...higher accuracy, unless you like using other views.
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    Keeping the ball down!!!!

    Everything comes with trying out one long shot after another enables you to gauge what is the correct amount of strength you should pack behind your shots.
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    Long Range Shots

    There was once I scored a direct long shot off a goalkeeper's mistake...I was using Ajax and playing against Stuttgart, their 'keeper Hildebrand booted a clearance straight to my midfielder Lindberg, whose direct shot crashed in under the crossbar, from ~30m out, without stopping the ball...I...
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    Problem with air play....

    You can set your SBs' defensive mindset to 'high' and then select CBs with 90+ jump and >80 headers. High response for the defenders (>80) will help too. Another way of thwarting counter-attacks would be to set offside traps, with at least one of your defenders having the 'D-Line Control' attribute.
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    Killer balls

    Well, maybe you can slow down first, let the defender approach your first striker, then cuts inside the defender and release the pass...if the goalkeeper is drawn out, even better! Your second striker will then have the simplest of scoring opportunities.
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    Which Is The Best Goalkeeper?

    Here's another one...Andres Isaksson from Sweden, will mature into a really good 'keeper and has a growth plateau from age of 26 to 32...currently has 95 response, 92 jump and 91 'keeper skills, and he stands at 196 cm tall and has 1 vs 1 'keeper skills...worth buying!
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    Through passes not working

    Well erm...just a suggestion, patience is the key in this game. Although through passes are more difficult, you can make it work by either passing the ball to your strikers diagonally from the wings or slowly let your AMC approach the defensive line, then tapping triangle when your striker is...
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    Hey everybody!

    Hello, Devil_Crazy here...started playing PES since 2000...highest difficulty ever played was 5 stars...currently playing WE9, wish to exchange ideas with anyone...
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    I'm having a goal draught. HELP!

    Another good tip...before your striker receives the ball, tap R1 to allow the ball to run through his legs, then turn in another direction and shoot...this move creates a small shooting space for the striker, confuses the defender for a split second and usually goes in...try it! (Don't mesh the...