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    Anyone still playing 2011

    Am I the only one who's still playing 2011 despite having 2013?
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    How much money do YOU have in Master League 2011

    £500m in the bank and I intend to keep it that way no silly prices for overrated players
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    How much money do YOU have in Master League 2011

    I currently have funds of £582m. Expected earnings £479m
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    YOUR Favourite PES 2011 Player

    It has to be M.Zarate as he's superb goalscorer his current rating is 109!!!!
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    How much money do YOU have in Master League 2011

    You will be to win competitions go bring in the cash also buy some cheap young players and get their rating up and sell them a few seasons later. Keep an eye on your wage bill as that will eat up all your cash. keep playing and winning and you should build up a sizeable bank balance. I was made...
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    Transfer amount limit

    I totally agree with you on that as I've just sold Kompany for £56m and I only paid £6m for him as a youngster. I took the money as I dont play with a sweeper. I must admit some clubs are so cheeky in offering so little for good players. Every man and his dog is after J. Boatang but they don't...
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    Whats you master league squad???????

    Manchester City I've been playing with for so many seasons Ballotelli retired and is now reborn. GK Hart 93 SB M.Motta 96 CB J. Boateng 87 CB Fabio Bilica 93 SB Van Der Wiel 101 CMF Douglas Costa 88 CMF Lucas 86 SMF Kieren Gibbs 104 SMF Alex Teixera 90 AMF Kroos 95 CF...
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    Transfer amount limit

    Season clear out I bought too many strikers not getting enough games l bought Bendtner for £9m rated 75 and sold him 2-3 seasons later for £86m rating 92 that's what I call good business.
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    Transfer amount limit

    Get as much as I can out of them Every £m counts in my book if I can get more I will…lol Also he was a bargain At £4m when I bought him at 18 and he was the leagues top striker last season when we won the champions league FA cup and league. He's a cracking little player who's only 21 so not...
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    Transfer amount limit

    I have been offered £119M for M.Zarate and I wanted to get £130M for him but the maximum amount I can set is £99,999,999. Does anyone know a way around it?
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    Master Leauge PES 2011

    Good luck with the youth team as I've only had tw decent players come thru that was Santon and Palmieri. I also had one player who I signed from the youth and he completely disappeared from the game!!!
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    Player Growth

    It doesn't go up by 2 per year as some players develop a lot faster. If you get them young and play them regularly you'll get better growth that's my feeling.
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    Goal scoring partnerships

    I've been playing ML for too long and over noticed that certain strikers have a great affect on he SS. mario ballotelli with forlan an Yano works a treat.. Currently I have Zamora who teams up well Zarate or pongolle. I use a 2 striker line up as I find that they provide great assists. What...
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    Buying Players

    I suggest you use advance search you have more options
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    How many seasons can a master league last?

    I am currently playing in season 2031-32
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    How much money do YOU have in Master League 2011

    I currently have £107m and that's after the club went bust 2 seasons ago which was a wretched season finished 4th and won nothing and lost a sponsor. Last season pipped Man U to the title by 1point lo Had to do a complete revamp of he squad and now things are finally coming together have 13 game...
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    Good Young Players Thread

    I can vouch go Palmieri and Santon as I had them from the youth side in MCFC they both are world class and both won all sorts of awards each season. I sold Palmieri at 37 for £33m ( his salary was the same amount) but santon is 40 and retires this season but he's like a goal machine absolute...
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    Still on PES 2011? or moved to 2012?

    I'm sticking with 2011 for now will buy 2012 when it's about £10 but I love ML in 2011.
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    In my version I see 1/1 2/3 3/5 so intake that to mean 2/3 that they are in year 2 of a3year contract 3/5 that hey are in year 3 of 5yr contract.
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    Reducing operating costs

    You also need to look at how much your players are being paid my wage bill was £80m and two players accounted for £60m also on transfers check market value against salary they are asking for as some are downright cheeky!!! The scout you can reduce to 40k along with club dr and goalkeeping coach...