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    VicD's 3rd goalcompilation

    Very well done video. Some cracking goals by Adriano! What software did you use for the effects?
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    Super Stars Compilation - Many great goals inside

    Good goals, loved the volleys. :D
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    ***best Of Andyhare Volume 2***

    Cracking goals there! Nice ending to lmao! :D
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    PES5: Most Wanted by ge4ce

    Another great PES vid from the master. Good stuff!
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    2, yes 2 online goals lol.

    Well there is virtually no lag when I play online. As for how good my opponents were...I dunno, but they were not exactly backing off lol. :P
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    Schmutz PES5 Compilation Part II

    Nice video Schmutz. 'Dinho messing with the defenders was great lol. :D
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    2, yes 2 online goals lol.

    Since I play 99.9% of my games online, I thought I would record a game or two in case I scored any good goals. Only managed to score 2 relatively "good" goals, a long shot by Shevchenko & a nice shot fake from Viera to beat the defender before smashing the ball home lol. :happy: Watch goals...
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    My first & final PES4 goal compilation!

    The song I used was Banquet by Bloc Party.
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    My first & final PES4 goal compilation!

    Thanks for the tip Paul :). I've uploaded it to TurboUpload here. :D
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    My first & final PES4 goal compilation!

    Yeah, I got the PC demo awhile back. It's easier to score better looking goals! I mean, I scored like 10 long range volleys on it XD!
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    My first & final PES4 goal compilation!

    Yeah! Can't wait. Play should have it delivered Thursday/Friday! :D
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    My first & final PES4 goal compilation!

    Check out my first & final PES 4 goals compilation here (RapidShare). :laugh: Aleternative download link: here. (TurboUpload)
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    Convert PS2 x-port saves to PC?

    IS it possible to convert replays saved on the PS2 to the PC? I have lots of replays, but I don't have any video capturing hardware :(.
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    It Was In!!

    LMFAO indeed he is. :D :P
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    Fontaine lob

    LOL!!! The best part of that clip, is seeing your defender trying to clear the ball with a diving header and missing it completly! :D Was a nice lob too ;)
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    fadiga goal

    Lol, great bit of skill by Fadiga before unleashing a shot at goal. Good goal. :D
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    xpronic's goal compilation

    I've compiled a clip of some of my best goals so far all on 5*. Goal Compilation (right click save target as)
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    Salgado chip

    I am using the latest Wolf patch 3.0 for WE7:i PC.
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    PES3 Online patch

    So does it work? :D...
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    Japanese comentary for WE7:i

    Does anyone know where I can get the Japanese commentary for WE7:i PC?