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    How do uou change Long pass modes?

    is there going to be a guide?
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    PC vs PS3 graphics

    Actually that is exactly my set-up. But I dont get why the PS3 version seems to have better graphics then the PC version, maybe I got wrong setting or something, but I have checked thie high setting @ 1920x1080, 16:9.
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    How do uou change Long pass modes?

    In pes2009 you could use manual pass on set-pieces by pushing the right analogue stick, in 2010 this isnt 'on' by default, is there a way to turn this 'on' or is this feature completly left out?
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    PC vs PS3 graphics

    Just wondering, is the PS3 version pes2010 suppose to have better graphics than the PC version. Because I played it on the PS3 and the graphics looked alot more realistic as compared to the PC version and I have a GTX 295 with the settings cranked to high, yet it still looks washed out and...
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    PC players

    Is anyone making or made an ONLINE community for PC australian players?
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    PC Vs PS3

    Are you saying PC players can play PS3 in PES2010?
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    Pc of

    Which OF file PC corrects all the names in the game including classic players? Proper transfers, and missing players etc.
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    PES 2010 official game guide and training DVD

    so u know pes ,A-Z and back to front?
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    PES 2010 official game guide and training DVD

    damm. Hopefully another company makes it.
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    PES 2010 official game guide and training DVD

    Does anyone know if one exists? Or will it come out later? Cheers.
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    Update problem can someone help me plz

    mod can delete this thread if they want, I found the solution.
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    Update problem can someone help me plz

    I have removed all previous custom patches kitservers etc. And have updated to 1.3. but in my player profile it still says 1.0.0. I have tried the ingame update and it starts to download the file. but then eventually fails saying that file is broken, can someone help me here plz? its driving me...
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    New Update Out Now

    Can someone help me plz, I have download 1.3 patch and then went to update ingame, it says there is new update so it downloads very slowly then keeps failing with a statment saying file is broken. I have tried countless times with same result, I have re-installed to no avail. This is stupid...
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    PC Troubleshooting Thread (PES 2009 FULL GAME ONLY)

    I am having exactly the same problem. I cant update ingame, it keeps failing saying the file is borken, this is really annoying me koz I cant play online with anyone because of this.
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    Need help with PS3 OF

    ok that worked, thanks alot. Wish in the description for any OF they said clearly, the instuctions you posted above.
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    thanks, this sounds good.
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    [PS3] Full Option File List (With Links)

    hey does anyone know if there is an OF/patch that has all the classc/hidden players unlocked and with extra players that arnt in the game? for example, Bobby Moore, and Charlton. FOR PS3....
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    hey can someone let me know what classic players are in this OF. Is it all the classic players/teams you can unlock in the game, or is there players the creater added that arnt in the game all together? Also does it change stats?
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    Best players??

    Now my friend unlocked all classic teams and alot of the other classic players. Man is there a difference with really high stat players, I use C.Ronaldo and Weah forward line, and I dominate. My friends switched to 5 man defence because of how easy it is to break thru defence with these 2...
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    Help with OF...

    The OF does work, because others from the forum have used it and acknowledged it. When I go to photo utility I can view the png files when I view all details. But when I am in save game utility the usb appears, but when I click into it says there is nothing there. It is not hidden either...