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    [PS2] & [PSP] JoeH's PES 2009 Option File V4.1 - Now with Bin/Cue!

    @Joeh Is it available in bin cue format?
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    [PS2] JoeH's PES 2009 Option File v2.3 (inc. CL)

    To JoeH Bro can u make a bin/cue file for this OF?If not can u tell me how to convert a max file into a bin/cue file?Any help will be appreciated.Tnx in advance.
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    Pes 2009 Ps2

    How is the game speed,slow or fast?reply
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    PES09 Inter Milan Formation

    Inter is strong both defensively and offensively in the game.I wonder how u concede goals.Try 4-4-2 u will get a balance in all positions.BTW i am a rossoneri fan.....lolz
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    Pes 2009 Ps2

    Guys i just wanna ask u one question.Is the game speed faster or slower than the PES08 version on PS2?And how is shooting dribbling etc? Answer only if u have played the game....tnx
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    Transferring Option File To PS2 Tutorial

    I think its the one in which u can play fake or copied cds.
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    PES 2009 Goalkeeper?

    Chip goals are pretty hard to score.TBH i just scored one chip goal in pes08 coz i always love to dribble past the keeper on 1 on 1.I hope the keepers will be fine in pes09 and they should make Valdes better.....:lol:
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    PES ftw! player/screenshot comparison between PES 09 and FIFA 09

    Fifa players look like wankers.I am really surprised the way PES improved on player models....Good work Konami:)
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    PES 09 faces, not impressive, look exactly identical to pes 08

    I really don't give a damn about the real faces.All i care about is kits and the GAMEPLAY.These Fifa pro's only like faces and graphics.They never argue about gameplay which matters the most coz they are kids and dont know about football.They just love to score goals so they prefer Fifa to Pes.I...
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    A PES09 Video and some player stats pics

    As being an Ac Milan fan i am not worried that adriano has got 99 shot power.It isn't that hard to stop him from firing rockets,u know what i mean.U just have to man mark him with a good defender i.e.puyol,ferdinand etc and give him less space for taking a shot.I am more worried abt Ibra in Inter.
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    Mp3 PES2009

    Can anyone briefly explain how to import mp3 songs into PS2?Hope i will get my problem solved....:)
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    How Deep Will Edit Mode be ???

    Originally posted by Kopite King Can u briefly tell me how to import the mp3 songs and attach them to the teams.Plus where can i get these mp3 songs?Hope u can clear my doubts....
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    Bad News About Pes 2009 Demo

    "Patience is Virtue",this is all i can tell to all PES fans though i am frustrated too.
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    Eighteen new screenshots

    The graphics are just awesome.The stadiums are improved and look real.Everytime ppl say that Fifa is better than PES in terms of graphics.But this year it seems both gameplay and graphics will be good. I personally think PES is a gonna be a hit this year.