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    [Exports] All National Teams (PC)

    This is amazing great work im looking forward to this, just wondering is it possible to actually create the structures of the Euro and WC qualifiers in the game so it reflects real life ? im presuming its not even though i would have loved going through qualifying and then the WC/Copa america...
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    [PC] PES 2016 SMoKE patch 8.0 (ANNOUNCED)

    Ok thanks for the quick reply, im going to try out your patch though i really wanted some of those national teams mentioned in the latest patches included in the retail game as these PES games deserves to have more if not all the national teams in the world especially since they have so few...
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    [PC] PES 2016 SMoKE patch 8.0 (ANNOUNCED)

    ^this post above confuses me, are the games default player stats edited so youre forced to play with them or can u switch between Smoke stats and default ? I really dont want to play with tampered player stats that are different from Konamis as they are usually spot on.
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    [PC] PES 2016 SMoKE patch 8.0 (ANNOUNCED)

    I dont remember if it was your patch i had for one of the slightly older PES games but i remember there was a launcher to select which leagues you wanted in Master League mode and you could also select scoreboards. Are you planning to make it possible to select leagues for ML so we can have a...
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    [PC] pes 2016 Patch V1.0 Full Bundesliga + fix - Released 21/09/2015

    I want to start playing master league in this game with the added leagues option ie "PAS/PAL League" which are in the game. Do you plan to add some european leagues later on so we can use this option ? Theres room for 2 more leagues. If i start with added leagues in Master League i get these 2...
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    Hi i was just wondering is it possible to actually make the 2nd division leagues of the spanish & english one etc. into other leagues on PS3 ? For example i would eventually want to have a patch/OF where they are replaced by the german/turkish/russian/belgian/greek & dutch league instead or...
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    PC option file Pes 2015

    thank you works great nice to have real names for the national teams so i can play the game till people have made bundesliga etc. for it.
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    PC Option File

    Can anyone confirm that the PC option file works ? its a bit odd it has 8-10 turkish clubs from the screenshot already.
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    [PC] Pes Store 15 | Added Leagues | All Licensed | Coachs | HD

    Can anyone or a mod confirm this is a working option file ?. I dont understand how it can have so many turkish teams in it already. Im a bit reluctant to try something out from a thread with no replies and he has only the 2 posts here.
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    Why on earth is this usual feature not implemented this year...

    nobody watches them anyway after the first 5 matches or so, it means one time less to press a button to get to a match quickly which will be a godsend if you wanna play Master League/Myclub with a good flow. The slow menu transitions and replays killed the older PES games anyway it was hard to...
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    PC Option File

    Is there a option file just with the correct names yet ? or atleast for most of em. I cant seem to find one would really appreciate if theres link to the thread with it. I mostly play with the national teams at the early stage of release due to the time it takes for people to make the option...
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    Oh my God pc version...

    They finally have great gameplay again and they start ditching the PC version, wouldnt it have been great if they actually had the PC version look up to date to accomodate some of the great reviews it has gotten. I honestly cant decide if i should buy the PC version or the PS3 ----- Pc version...
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    WENB PES2014 BLES01930 Option File (PS3)

    Sorry but how do i know which version of the game i have (BLUS/BLES) when i have purchased the game on the european PSN store, the one called "PES 2014 Digital Premium Edition". Which option file must i download of these to work with the EU PSN store one of the game ?
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    [PC] 2014 Patch

    thank you for the patch i guess i can start a offline master league now thanks to you guys making the patch. Is there any chance of adding some more national teams in the future though through your patch. I would really love to see NT's like Armenia/Iceland/macedonia/Albania etc. as it gives...
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    PES14 is dead.. Sorry guys

    I dont understand why you needed to write this thread, one positive thing about that PES still sells is these fans that are buying it blindly, what are you trying to gain by maybe making a thread that discourages maybe 1 less person to buy the next installment. The game selling to the oblivious...
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    Does anybody else think...

    I think Konamis plan was just to finally be able to milk this generation with DLC this time by excluding stuff since its the last PES where it will peak sales wise but due to alot of negativity from fans it looks like that plan might have been shot down. Anyway Konami has always been a really...
  17. A 2013 Patch 3.0 RELEASED!

    how do u select scoreboards ?it doesnt seem to work Edit: nvm you just press the screenshots in the middle lol
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    PC Option file DLC2.00 Ver1.01

    why is there alot of national teams in the game with players named "dummy" i noticed belgium and some other NT had 1-2 of these. Is this gonna be fixed later on ? The option file is pretty cool as the stats arent tampered but the "dummy" player things are quite annoying as i love to play with...
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    [PC] PES 2013 SMoKE Patch

    8 purple arrows? whats this patch like? are the players overrated in statistics and always in extremely good form during the offline master league? I like theres more national teams in the pack like Lithuania/Macedonia would be great if Georgia or Iceland was added aswell
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    W.E.N.B. Option File PS3 Released! (BLES-20)

    yes this is for the 020, he has dropped the other version