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    Issues with Kitserver...

    hi - im having a weird problem with kitserver : i have installed it and everything but in kbd i have no files with all the numbers like spurs 082 so i cant put any kits into the game PLEASE HELP !!! i would be very grateful if anyone could
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    Classic Beckham

    good goal m8 quite hard to do though init
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    Kitserver 4.3.2 and KDM Manager 1.0

    problems with kitserver hi m8 - i have had some problems with kitserver - the problem is kbd or kdm does not have all the number codes / kit codes for the teams - it is empty please help as i am a newbie THANKS!!!!!!!
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    Help Needed On Team Kit Numbers

    hi - help plz !!! yo WeeRowan - just wondering where u got kitserver from - if u could send me a link i would be very grateful m8 thnx
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    Indoor Pitches

    hi - i clicked the stadium link and had the same problemo - doesnt exist or something !!!
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    Indoor Pitches

    have u got kitserver have u got kitserver ? if so where from ?
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    Taking Kit Requests 05-06 season and classics

    arsenal new away kit plz ( yellow one ) thnx you can get picture from