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    New PES5 mode 50% Chance!

    Sounds boring I dont think it would work.
  2. C

    40 metres, Muntari, bar and in

    Nice goal :cool:
  3. C

    GTA: San Andreas

    Once you get 100% theres not much else which is enjoyable.
  4. C

    WE8 Full match Vid Arsenal v Ajax **New Camera Angles**

    how come in that video that arsenal are wearing their official kits?
  5. C

    PES4 demo

    i still have both my pes2 and 3 demo's
  6. C

    PES4 National League Thread

    you dont have to beat the demo, by much i beat it 1-0 last time and still got in
  7. C

    Bar/Post Top Corner Strike (WE8)

    nice goal
  8. C

    what team is da best (game wise)

    who is the best player in the real madrid team stats wise?
  9. C

    WE8: You can score 99 goals by one Goal

    do some of the stats of other players ie zidane, henry vieri etc
  10. C

    C. Ronaldo Overhead

    yeah you dont see to many complete overheads on pes3
  11. C

    The Wolf Final (4.0) PES3 PC Pack

    no sorry mate, i downloaded them all sucessfully last night and installed them all the patches are great wolf! Great work`!!!!!!!
  12. C

    Help please with some team and player names

    i had the patch with had updated the clucb names and player names, but i think i deleted it, does anyone know where i can download one as o have forgotten. thanks!
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    Ahn Jung Hwan Volley

    good goal but like paul said you may want to try a different angle on the goal
  14. C

    Cassano 2 x lob

    yeah, where did it go??
  15. C

    Henry Free Kick (Loads of Curl)

    nice goal, loads of curl
  16. C

    Crespo straight from kick-off

    nice goal, what was the final score?
  17. C

    Mutu 1-2 Chip

    Good goal mate, the back heel was perfection!!
  18. C

    Rivaldo Free Kick

    great goal!!!