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    My PES6 has stutter problems like others,does it still stutter online?

    I like many others had and still have that terrible stutter problem on pes6 and by looking around these forums there is still no answer to our problems so i was wondering does your game stutter when you play online as well,please reply?also if anyone has found anything that they think stops the...
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    Controlling the ball in the air(what do you press)

    what is really getting on my nerves is the fact that my player is at the backpost for a corner and the ball is coming down to him perfect but he seems to let it go.IS THERE A BUTTON TO PRESS TO CONTROL THE BALL IN THE AIR?
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    Master League Team On Match Mode Players Stats Are Normal

    I have to say im very dissapointed with this.Me and me cousin live in different countrys and we both love pes6 so we said we would pit our ML teams against eachother eventully i played him and my players really have improved but on match mode they are the same. Can any1 help!!!
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    List of underrated and overrated players.

    Going back to fat ronaldo if you go back a few years ago he was unbelievable!!but i do think hes lost his touch but come on guys,he was class!!