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    [KITS] Luton Town

    Hi! Is there someone out there who can make the luton Town kits for me for the forthcoming season? The link for the kits:
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    PS4 OF PES 2019 Nico Ultras

    Im thinking of the stats of the players where do you find these?
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    PS4 OF PES 2019 Nico Ultras

    Hey Rayden. I have some good YouTube channels if you want to do it yourself. These sites: Argentinian league: Laucha Brazilian league: Thiago Pes editor Chilean league: Seba facemaker Mexican league: PaQuelaS, erzo77 All others: Dragoiv80, Maquiavelo40, This is Thursday Gaming. Enjoy.
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    PS4 OF PES 2019 Nico Ultras

    Does this option file work with the latest data pack update?
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    [PS4]CAFCL Champion replacing Pleasure Horn

    Does it affect any option file?
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    PS4 OF PES 2019 Nico Ultras

    Hey Nico! Thanks for this man. I am finished with installing this OF and now im enjoying my master league. For us who dont have the time to fix this by ourselves its a great addition. The only problem I found out was that the teams in Asia was all screwed up, so three Australian teams...
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    PS4 OF PES 2019 Nico Ultras

    So the only duplicate players are the ones from there clubs?
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    [KITS] PES 2018 - Kits by philips_99

    Hey Man! Could you make the kits for Nacional Asunción?
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    Data Pack 3.0

    Brazilian league Will the brazilian teams be updated with real player names?
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    FM18 players to PES 2019

    I need LDU Quito aswell
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    FM18 players to PES 2019

    Hey, Do you have the possibility to make a sheet with the following teams: - Bolivar (BOL) - Club Blooming (BOL) - jorge Wilstermann (BOL) - The Strongest (BOL) - CS Emelec (ECU) - Barcelona SC (ECU) - El Nacional (ECU) - Universidad Catolica (ECU) - Macara (ECU) - Club Libertad...
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    FM 19 to PES 19 stats converter

    Is anybody working on this possibility when FM 19 C omes out? I was wondering if it is possible to do this in the same way as the FIFA 19 to PES converter? Instead of downloading lots of excel sheets which is very confusing. If its possible to link it up with fmscout for example.
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    How do we change the nationality of the fake teams? For example if you want to create a Mexican team instead of a brazilian fake team with portugese banners?
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    [FACES] Faces by bamabravesfan

    Hey, could you make faces for there players: Diego Mayora (Real Garcilaso) Jhonny Vidales (Real Garcilaso) Jean Pierre Archimbaud (Real Garcilaso) Ivan Santillan (Real Garcilaso) Jean Tragodara (Real Garcilaso) Thanks in advance.
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    FM18 players to PES 2019

    Sick! Youre a legend!
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    [PS4] Schitzophonic's Team Exports

    Well, look on the bright side. Not in any other game you can have 4 duplicates on 1 team. Thats for sure.. Think of 4x Witsel playing each teams as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus etc. This is why Konami is making this game unique in a kind of way. You can get plenty more than just one Messi...
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    PES 2019 Data Pack 2.0

    Im wondering if these teams have banners which are written in language from Europe or Asia? or is it english? How many teams are there now in the other asia section? Is there an OF which can replace the fake teams?
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    [TOOLS] Stats Converter Football Manager to PES 2019

    Hi This seems very good. I tried this on my mac, but it didnt work. I need stats for a whole squad. Could you please help me with the following teams: Club Blooming (Bolivia) El Nacional (Ecuador) Thanks in advance.
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    PEA league

    I thought it would be great if they could transfer the league to america so we can create the mls. Or else i will create the A-league. I hope that they dont remove the PEA league. But find a solution instead. In my point of view we dont have a league representant either north america or africa.
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    PEA league

    Now that we know that the chinese and thai league will be added with DP2 i would like to start this thread so that we can come with suggestions of other leagues we can make. Feel free to add.