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    [FACES] Preset faces for unlicensed players

    Some suggestions: hogg-huddersfield rugani-juventus lynch-huddersfield vilhena-feeyenord immers-cardiff krohn dehli-sevilla hyam-ipswich schaars-heereven m. olsson-derby m. olsson-norwich (they are twins) dunk-brighton victor atl mineiro anya-derby...
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    Hidden fake teams

    Thanks man for your answer ill check it
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    Hidden fake teams

    Theres any way to edit hidden fake teams that appear in ML and BAL, Im asking about teams of other american, other european and other african.
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    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file.

    nice work 7oy thanks for all, I have a question ,with that pc editor would be possible to edit hidden fake teams on europe, america and africa?? Good luck with your exams
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    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file.

    hi, someone knows where is dynamo kiev cause i have find it on the ML with other american teams but in edit mode i cant find it?? sorry for my very very bad english.
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    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file.

    Thanks for your effort and nice work I wait patiently on BLUS version like all people that has this version of PES.
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    [PS3] PES 2014 Bundesliga OF 2013/14 PES Galaxy

    Thanks Biaz for your great OF and also thanks Netoviski for your help so now BLUS players like me can enjoy this awesome OF
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    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file.

    Hi 7oy , thanks for all your great work have you edited the fake teams replaced for afc´s J. league teams? If you haven´t maybe you can ask ncwrrn to allowed you to import some A league teams from his OF ?? Sorry for my bad English
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    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS) OF

    Jorgov you know any OF that have complete J. League with correct stats not necessary face??? Srry daimpa for ask for other topic in your post. sorry for my bad English
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    [PS3] PES 2014 Bundesliga OF 2013/14 PES Galaxy

    Thnx for amazing work this OF is for Blus or Bles? It would be possible for you to convert to Blus?
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    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file.

    Which players will you create over classics? I have a suggestion i think u can put a lot of young that play in the world cup U-20 and U-18 Its just a suggestion maybe you have a better idea.
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    [PS3] NicWarren, Lateralus_01 and Chris' A-League & SPL OF [BLES]

    I also request you ncwrrn to export A league teams please it will fantastic don´t worry I won´t create an OF i just want to use by myself THANKS FOR YOUR NICE WORK AND FOR ANSWER YOUR FOLLOWERS REQUESTS
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    [FACES] Wilsiton9524 PES 2014 Faces

    Great faces, nice Endo Hi wilsiton can i request Edno Cerezo Osaka please? [/IMG]
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    [PS3] NicWarren, Lateralus_01 and Chris' A-League & SPL OF [BLES]

    hi nic could you export Adelaide United, Melbourne Heart,Melbourne Victory, Newcastle Jets, Perth Glory, Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers cause it would be easier for my to convert to blus just this teams than the whole file please. Really anxious to play with this teams and all their...
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    [ps3][export] liga mx (mexican) bles & blus

    Hola amigo seria posible que exportes para BLUS el equipo japonés Gamba Osaka o solo te centraras en la liga mx?? Hi friend it could be possible for you to export for BLUS version the japanese team Gamba Osaka or you will only export mexican league???
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2014 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    Hi Paul it could be possible to make Gamba Osaka in Other Asian Teams please? It is one of the best japanese teams is on J League 2 right now, but it will return next season to J league 1
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    [FACES & KITS] Faceclub by Homer S.

    First nice work Could i request you Gamba Osaka kits please?
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    [FACES] SuperGarcia's Facebuilds

    Hi can I request you ? Yasuhito Endo (Gamba Osaka)
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    [EXPORT] PS3 exported teams sharing thread BLES 01930

    Hi Zsolt Sorry for my request but it could be possible for you to export teams for BLUS version also and to create I need 6 Other Americans Teams Sorry for bad English
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    [PS3] NicWarren, Lateralus_01 and Chris' A-League & SPL OF [BLES]

    Hi ncwrrn it could be possible for you to convert your OF to BLUS version cause I would like to enjoy playing with A League teams or better just to export A League teams for BLUS version please Sorry for my bad English