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    Pes at its best!!!

    Download Winning Eleven 9: Liveware Evolution.
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    Pes 3,4,5,6...

    I've played PES 1,2 (PS1), 4,5 (XBox) and 6 (360) and they all each have some annoying problems but at the moment I'm playing PES 3 on the PC as this is the main one that I missed and I feel like playing a good football game. After playing for a few days I've noticed a few annoying things that...
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    Daymos Elite PES2011 & WE2011 Option File V1.1

    Thanks for the great OF and making the game alot funner.
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    Sound When Running?

    Whenever I run with my player in BAL it always makes some anoying noise... is there anyway to turn it off?
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    I'm living in the UK and I've been using play since 2003 and never had a game arrive late. I'm just going to use GAME in the future
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    I'm anoyed too. I don't mind not getting a game a day early however when its late it's pretty anoying. If it doesn't come tommorow I will be so pissed off
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    Shopto and GAME are the only ones worth using I think.
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    It got posted at 1pm on wednesday and I didn't recieve the game in the post today... has anyone else had this problem?