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    C. Ronaldo is so overrated !!!

    Well it's obvious C. Ronaldo is so overrated he just runs and nobody can take the ball from him, this is so annoying!!!
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    PES2012 news pics? anything?

    engineered for bullshit
  3. 5

    PES 2012 Wishlist!

  4. 5

    REQUEST THREAD for PNG's (Kits, Logo's)

    thanks dude مشكوووور من فين انت ؟؟
  5. 5

    REQUEST THREAD for PNG's (Kits, Logo's)

    Please could someone make this for me ?:D
  6. 5

    REQUEST THREAD for PNG's (Kits, Logo's)

    I guess no one will do my request??!!
  7. 5

    Stadium Editing Help

    yeah please I want to know too
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    REQUEST THREAD for PNG's (Kits, Logo's)

    D_A_M , please make this for me !!!
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    REQUEST THREAD for PNG's (Kits, Logo's)

    Hi please can someone make for me this kit BUT !!! I like the color to match with this color Blue 3 Green 0 Red 15 PLEASE !!! WITHOUT THE SPONSOR AND THE TEAM LOGO !!!
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    ML Player value after the patch ?

    in my opinion it doesn't matter
  11. 5

    March DLC Glitch?

    this is weird !!!
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    Your ML Team/Kits

    I made alot of emblems using PP not all of them are super good but they did the job here take a look what do you think?
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    Your ML Team/Kits

    just the emblem actually with a little help from PhotoFilter Studio my emblem not so hard I just searched for the lion in Google then made two squares in PP, colored them put the lion, saved it as a picture and DONE !!! that's it
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    Your ML Team/Kits

    I did mine in PowerPoint
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    Your ML Team/Kits

    nice kits and sponsors dude specially the Away !!!
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    Your ML Team/Kits

    OK that's so easy !!!
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    Your ML Team/Kits

    can you explain more about the camera? what type of cameras? how to connect it?
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    Your ML Team/Kits

    I'm waiting for it...:)
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    Your ML Team/Kits

    great Idea... my sponsor is Unicef so I guess its the same but don't pink the socks just put the logo on the shirt and make the captain armband pink
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    How do You Defend Against AI "Cheating?"

    just wipe them by that I mean press O and make a foul that's the only way and what make me more angry is the stupid OFFSIDES !!!