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    MyClub Improvements

    Ways in which i think Myclub can be improved - do it so contracts area set value based on ball colour so for example white 250gp bronze 500gp silver 750gp gold 1000gp nlack 1250gp as the current cost is ridculous. -instead of doing position specific balls, do different values of balls and...
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    Master League Improvements

    Coming back to PES from a few years of fifa there are a few things i think PES shouldinclude that they dont or that Fifa has better: In regards to finances.. just display the amount youhave in terms of budgtetto spend on players and a wage budget. So much easier then trying to figure...
  3. J

    Anyone done Ronaldinho Face??

    Im looking for anyone who has done a really good face for Ronaldinho for Xbox 360 (so a build not a scan) Thanks
  4. J

    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    Thank you for your help
  5. J

    [XBOX360] WENB Option File 2015

    Hi I just got Pes today and wanted to download your OF. Does it work in the UK and what's then latest current version as your signiture says working on version 0.4 but only version 0.1 and 0.2 are on their main page? Thanks I look forward to us if your OF as it sounds like them best there is