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    Penaltys In game

    I already know how they work so thought I would be helpful and post it up for anyone who doesnt want to watch the vid or cant load it.
  2. Z

    Penaltys In game

    I hate the pens too, was messing about today tho and worked them out. Basically if you shooting a pen to the left for example, down is to aim for the left side of the goal, and up for right. You hold either 1 whilst changing power with the square button. Its pretty good I think how accurate the...
  3. Z

    Champions League and Other MENUS by das9125

    looks good mate, will have to try some out.
  4. Z

    commentary patch

    if the patch file is called 'e_sound.afs' then you just goto: Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\dat and replace the original 'e_sound.afs' in there. thats the way i did it anyway and it works fine.
  5. Z

    England Facepack (lampard, rooney, richards)

    so low posters cant judge how well a face looks? ok...
  6. Z

    Portsmouth Faces

    no worries, btw all my portsmouth faces are in .bin or .str form, since i use the latest kitserver to put them in the game, if you use it nathan or anyone else does and needs any of the faces i have stated just send me a pm request and ill either send to you or upload.
  7. Z

    Portsmouth Faces

    no one got Sean Davis or Gary O'neil? EDIT: also btw the 1's in my list are the 1's i already have
  8. Z

    Portsmouth Faces

    Anyone got these? So far i have the following: LuaLua Kanu Benjani AndyCole Douala Taylor Mendes Kranjcar Koroman Campbell Johnson Stefanovic James Fernandes Primus Pamarot Mainly looking for O'neil and Sean Davis Any help much appreciated
  9. Z

    Blackburn to England!?

    seen this on another forum, theres a new file u need for ur kitserver, i'll try find the link EDIT: Forum Link - Direct File Link -;6330192;;/ EDIT2: All i can say about the badges is to maybe try find other...
  10. Z


    Can you make Ashley Young of Watford plz? Hope the images are good enough, best i could find. Thanks, zaaro
  11. Z

  12. Z

    Championship Kits and Teams
  13. Z

    sleeve logos.

    open the png file in photoshop and insert the image?
  14. Z

    how can i connect to the pes6 network ?

    have u registered your game account?
  15. Z

    I Think this is the greatest team possible lol.

    I too disagree with the use of classic player in Master League mode, theres no point if u use them.
  16. Z

    post your line-up!! and compare!

    --------------------- Cech --------------------- -- Kaebi -- Mertesacker -- Heitinga -- Mathieu --- ---------------------- Essien ------------------- ---------- Sweinsteiger ------------------------- ------------------------- J. Cole ---------------- ------ Robben...
  17. Z

    PES 6 talents

    Ben-Hatira (German Newcomer) has brilliant stats! although being a newcomer i suppose it would vary in different games
  18. Z

    3rd kits

    keep calm :)
  19. Z

    PC PES 6 Controls

    I had the same problem, however i found if you go into the settings after you put the disc in, click player 1 and i found some buttons where not configured. hope that helps