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  1. J

    xbox 360 ***patch*** discussion/coming soon

    It is for Xbox, I ripped it myself. If you can see reference to PS3 there it's cos I posted it on a PS3 forum first because it also works on the PS3 (or at least last years did).
  2. J

    xbox 360 ***patch*** discussion/coming soon

    Here's the dt0f.img file for Data Pack 1.00: Might be worth using it as a starter point since it includes the transfers, new boots, etc.
  3. J

    OF V2 by Santiis2010

    The kits and badges look good but it's annoying that the player stats seem to be from PES 2011, or edited at least. It's hard work going through, resetting every player.
  4. J

    First pes 2012 360 option file

    Thanks for this :) will put me on nicely till Daymos' version comes out.
  5. J

    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch *ps3* released

    Hi Bolloxmaster, here is the dt0f.img file for the new DLC, data pack 7: I hope you can incorporate it into your patch.
  6. J

    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch *ps3* released

    Are we sure this includes Data Pack 2.0? It doesn't say anything about a data pack when it loads up and none of my saves are compatible. I can give you the dt0f.img file for 2.0 if you need it. Also, which file contains the menu icons and will the patch work without it? I don't like them, they...
  7. J

    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch xbox360/ps3

    Will your patch include the latest DLC (data pack 1.01)? Here is the dt0f.img file from the PS3 update if you need it:
  8. J

    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch xbox360/ps3

    Hi bolloxmasta, I posted this in another thread for a PS3 patch already but I thought it might be relevant here too. It's the PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 DLC pack which was unavailable until now due to lack of PSN access: Maybe it's something you can incorporate into your patch.
  9. J

    [PS3] patch relink kits and symbols.

    Here is the PES 2011 DLC file for PS3 Jailbroken consoles. From what I can see these are the only changes made by the DLC: dev_hdd0\game\BLES01022_DOWNLOAD\ dev_hdd0\home\00000001\savedata\BLES01022EEDIT\ dev_hdd0\home\00000001\savedata\BLES01022EOPTION\ This update removes all the...
  10. J

    Daymos Elite PES2011 & WE2011 Option File V1.1

    Thanks for the option file, it looks great. Is it right that none of the transfers are done or have I applied it wrong? I've only had a quick look, but for instance at Liverpool, they still have Aquilani, Insua, Nemeth, etc and players like Jovanovic and Jones aren't there like they were...
  11. J

    Importing PNG's on PS3

    Is there a special folder they need to go in? I've put some on a USB stick in the /PICTURE/ folder, can see them fine in the XMB but not on PES itself. Trying to import a few badges and kits to tie me over till a decent option file comes out. [edit] Never mind, I figured it out, just need to...
  12. J

    Controller 2 config not being saved

    I had PES5 for a while on my 360 before PES6 came out, so I got used to the LB/RB and LT/RT buttons being the other way around, as they were by default on PES5. So when PES6 came out, I swapped those buttons around in the config, and I use that all of the time now. I've tried the other way...
  13. J

    [ALL] WSAG Evolution V2.5 Option File

    Looking forward to using the option file, great work man
  14. J

    Own Goal of the Season!

    Ha ha I didn't notice that - if he'd stayed still it would probably have hit him in the face :p
  15. J

    pes 4 graphics advice!!!!

    Thanks guys, I bumped up my refresh rate and that has made it more playable on Medium quality mode - it could be better though.
  16. J

    Own Goal of the Season!

    I conceded a funny goal today whilst playing against my Dad. Morientes was clean through, about to score on his debut for Liverpool, all of a sudden Emerson (Juventus) comes out of nowhere, making up alot of ground, makes the tackle, side-step's Morientes and launches a beautiful lob past his...
  17. J

    pes 4 graphics advice!!!!

    Anyone know what the equivelent of vsync is on ATI graphics cards? My system is: AMD 64bit 3000+ 768mb RAM Radeon 9600 256mb Graphics Card I can't seem to play on anything above low quality settings without experiencing choppy playback when the ball is moving at speed. If anyone...