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    WENB PES2014 Option File (Xbox 360)

    Hi this works with latest version 1.02.. thanks for your efforts so far, much appreciated.
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    Master League Real life players

    ML Real life players Hi, Many thanks for the information, got it sorted now :-) Cheers
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    Master League Real life players

    Hi, I have used Daymos kits and players for PES2012. However when I start a ML as Manchester City I get a team full of imaginary names, and in fact if I scroll through the Barclays League prior to selecting a team all the Premier Teams have the same imaginary player. Can you have a ML with real...
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    Daymos Elite PES2011 & WE2011 Option File V1.1

    Can someone help me, I have tried to install the patch but after loading either from USB or hdd all I get it second kits, no team logos, premiership league badge. What am I doing wrong. I load save the pes2011 file structure from hdd to USB. Load the slashr programme go to the 0000001 folder and...
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    Problems with XBOX360 OF

    HI, I have downloaded the Dymos Option File for 360, and I cannot get it to load correctly, before you all flame me I have read the instructions, viewed the you tube help and still it will not load correctly. I have USBXTA programme, i have created a USB 360 stick I can drop the files onto the...
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    Management options

    Hi, be a PES player for a number of years, one question i used to assign my own formations to the pad buttons, so in games I could change to a more attacking or defending formation. However this year i cannot see how to do that and also not sure what the new strategies do. Ie Man City default is...
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    D&C Pro10 Elite OF v2 Tapas & Full English (XBOX360)

    Great work and one question Dyamos and Cowson thanks a million. One question can I use the championship teams in my current Master league, or do I have to start another Master league
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    Master league player negotiations and contract discussions

    Hi, just wanted to see if other have had this happen. During the transfer window in January half my sqaud (Man City) came up for contract renewal. I went through there demands and where they want much higher wages I tried to negoicate lower wages. Next week the players all put talks on hold and...
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    D&C Pro10 Elite OF v1.5 (XBOX360)

    great work well worth the donation I sent. I would even pay for the next installment with the championship teams in the second league. You have made the game come alive..... Cheers
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    D&C Pro10 Elite OF v1 (XBOX360)

    Excellent work and a little donation from me many thanks Daymos, its this that helps keep the game current and updated. I followed your link and donated a few quid in appreciation, given that others are selling this stuff on ebay, its the least i can do. Cheers
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    360 Frame rate issues OFFLINE

    Hi is anyone else having frame rate and slow down issues playing offline, espcially on a rainy day ? Any ideas on what to do, have Elite and hdmi out to 1080p TV. Should I restart my competitions, and use new saved data. I have applied tghe patch and have been using ab edidted OF ???? Anyone...