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    MatTheCat's 'Premium Blend' Chants Pack (With corrected club's kits/badges)

    Mat, I got some of GigiMarullas chants from your link. Ive converted them to MP3 for the PS3 and they're perfect. The only problem is the volume of the chants are too low. They're being drowned out by the ambient stadium noise. Is there any way I can sort this out? Riv edit - Scratch...
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    MatTheCat's 'Premium Blend' Chants Pack (With corrected club's kits/badges)

    Mat, Im hoping to convert your chants to MP3 for the PS3. Im doing a Serie A ML at the moment. Which part(s) do I need to download for Serie A chants?
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    [PS3] Luuk Chantpack PES2010

    Thanks mate. Im thinking of starting an ML with Milan. Your Serie A pack is fooking epic. It will make the atmosphere so much more realistic. Legend
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    WENB PES 2010 Option File v10.3 Released!!

    Cant download from either site. Rapidshare has an error about reaching the free user download limit and filefactory says there no more free download slots?
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    Need Help Getting Faces From Usb On To My Ps3!!!

    By England league you mean PremShip legends? Im looking for a good Cantona face. Been all over the net and cant get a good pic for the job.
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    Need Help Getting Faces From Usb On To My Ps3!!!

    Yeah no bother. If your making any classic players let me know, i have some requests!
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    Need Help Getting Faces From Usb On To My Ps3!!!

    I made some faces of classic players myself. All i do is put the picture (as i got it online) into the pictures section of the ps3. Then when ya go into the game editor, select scan, create from scratch, load file (something like this, not sure of the exact wording) then just adjust the...
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    Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)

    Will muff's option file work ok with a game which hasnt been updated with 1.20?
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    Wife gone because of PES!

    Just read all this thread, LMAO - best in ages! The guy reminds me of alan partridge abit. "Her new fella just has a snes" is a real alanism! I think if ur with the right bird, she'll understand your needs and wont constantly harrass ya about PES. Obviously you have to be someway balanced...
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    Konami Update - To bother or not to bother

    Im mad to get stuck into a new Master League campaign but have put it off since the games release due to this feckin super-D-dooper Konami update. It seems since I dont have Broadband at home anyway that I wont be able to get the update as Konami wont make it available as a PC download. So...
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    updating pes 2009

    Thats what I was afraid of. Thats a pain in the face n no mistake. I see on the Konami Europe site they have an update available in a zip file.;jsessionid=F9A45E2460B655FB8DD6F8F0A01312E4?idNews=366 I was hoping this would be what id do.
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    updating pes 2009

    Hey Suv, one more question for ya on this. Im in a Broadband free zone, will the konami update be downloadable to be put on the PS3 from a usb key do ya know?